Tarot Writing Prompts

The fun thing about Tarot is that it can be used for creative endeavors, especially for writing.

If you’re needing some fuel to get the creative fires burning, then Tarot can help you out. With the Courtcards acting as actual characters, the Major Arcana acting as major events, and the Minor Arcana as details, you can write entire series with a deck of cards.

However, this is just a small way they can be used. If you haven’t already checked it out, you can find 31 spreads in the #30DayTarotWritingChallenge, with which you can structure and write an entire novel. But if you’re just needing a little something to get you going on a writing exercise, I have some spreads and writing prompts generated via tarot spreads to help you along the way.

Writing Spreads

2-Card Story Prompt Spread
Story Concept Tarot Spread for Writing Prompts
Protagonist Vs. Antagonist
Character Reaction
Character Discussion Spread
Character Development Spread

Writing Prompts

Scientist with a Problem
What Wands?
The Price Too Much
Problematic Goal
Discovery of ‘I’
The Run Away Pt 1
The Run Away Pt 2
He Knows
The Magician Competition
Hand-Me-Down Secret
Those Who Remain
The Distracted
They Cheated
Drill Gone Wrong
Stuck in an Elevatory
Good News
Wealth to Faith
I Get Knocked Down
She’s Leaving Home
Uniting Opposites
A Horrible Walk in the Woods
Divine Debate
The Temptation House
The Haunted
Pass It On
The Game (You Just Lost it)
From Within & Without
The Test
Wrong Ritual