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High Priestess | Discovering the Wild Unknown Epsidoe 33

~ Discovering the Wild Unknown: High Priestess ~ Today’s card draw in the Discovering the Wild Unknown series is The Wild Unknown High Priestess. I want to start off by providing an important notice, which will be included in all of this series. However,…


High Priestess | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 5: Putting It All Together

This is the fifth and last installment in this Weekly Tarot Card series. The next series will begin on Monday. However, if you’d like to get caught up on the rest of the week, you can use the following links: Monday Description and Observation…

High Priestess | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 3: Element and Number

Today we’ll start looking at more universal understandings of the card, starting first with the element and number.

High Priestess | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 2: Meditation

While we develop our understanding of each card, it’s important that we really try and get into the card itself.

High Priestess | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 1: Observation and Description

The purpose behind the Weekly Tarot Card series is to develop your own understanding of the cards, and this takes time. This is why an exercise per day is given per card.

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