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The Magician | Discovering the Wild Unknown Episode 1

Then, there is also the Cheetah herself, as her animal self. She is the representation of energy readying itself to move. A cheetah watches her prey and then races toward it.


The Magician | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 5: Putting It All Together

With the element of 1, of firstness, the Magician calls on us to reflect on our inner energies, and find balance within them so that we too can ready ourselves to bring to fruition our inner wants and needs.

The Magician | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 4: Symbolism

This is the fourth installment of the Weekly Tarot Card. You can read the first three installments in the following links: Monday Observation and Description Tuesday Meditation Wednesday Suit/Element and Number Table of Contents Color Animal Bet Plants Posture Decks Used Relate the introduction…

The Magician | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 3: 1s and Elements

It is through the Actionable energy of Fire, the Intellectual energy of Air, and the Emotional energy of Water that we can bring our Will into the real world, to make manifest. You need the drive, the know-how, and the love of what you are doing to be able to achieve it and bring it to fruition.

The Magician | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 1: Description and Observation

Because we are open to the lesson that this journey will provide for us, the first card is the Magician. As such, we have armed ourselves with the basic knowledge of each of the elements/suits when we went over the Ace of Wands, Ace of Swords, Ace of Cups, and Ace of Swords. These are our staples when we explore the Magician.

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