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Neo Tarot’s Self-Care Pyramid Tarot Spread | Spread to Practice

This week’s Media review was a double-whammy of book and Tarot deck with the Neo Tarot by Jerico Mandybur. This book/deck combo focusses on using the cards for self-care and healing rather than predictive reading practices. One of the ways of doing this is…


Writing Prompt: The Temptation House

This is just the basic 2-Card Writing Prompt today, using a starting situation for Card 1 and a problem, which is Card 2. If you’re here for the first time, I usually do what is called the First Operation to determine the context or…

Pluto In Retrograde: Letting Go – A Tarot Spread

When considering what we need to let go, we need to consider what is damaging our climbing ability.

Day 24 of the 30-Day Tarot Writing Challenge: Rewards and Scars

While this spread is going to identify the reward, it’s also going to identify the baggage that comes with it.

Trusting Your Tarot Cards

When I was learning tarot, or at least, dabbling within the first couple of years of my first deck, I really liked to over-think. I questioned what was there in the cards, wondered if the cards falling from my hands, or my incomplete shuffle was a sign, was a message, or if it was just me being clumsy. I think we all, as tarot readers, have these moments. I hear this question often enough.

Day 6 of the 30 Day Tarot Writing Challenge: I’m Stuck

The idea of this is to look at where your mental space is and your relationship to your current WIP. This should give you the tools you need to realise that it isn’t your creativity or your piece that’s holding you up, but something else. That something else is most likely unrelated, and thus, you can set it aside to deal with outside your creative work.

Camp NaNoWriMo Tarot Challenge

For this occasion, I’ve created a 30 day Tarot Challenge.  Each day I’ll give you a spread to help you along the way with your piece. I’ll provide the layout and a sample reading. I personally will try my best to stick to the sample reading in my own piece as well. 

TradeWinds Tarot and Oracle’s Method of Tarot Mapping (Shared from WordPress)

TradeWinds Tarot and Oracle shared a few ways to map out a person’s life, the lessons they’ve learned and the negativity that follows them. It’s a complex reading in that there are many steps which lead to quite a few readings, but the detail…

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