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Summer Solstice Reading | Spread to Practice

Happy belated Solstice! Happy Winter solstice to those in the southern hemispheres and happy Summer solstice to those of us in the northern hemisphere. This week’s Media Review, during which I reviewed Queering the Tarot by Cassandra Snow, didn’t have any spreads included in…


Neo Tarot’s Self-Care Pyramid Tarot Spread | Spread to Practice

This week’s Media review was a double-whammy of book and Tarot deck with the Neo Tarot by Jerico Mandybur. This book/deck combo focusses on using the cards for self-care and healing rather than predictive reading practices. One of the ways of doing this is…

Spread to Practice: Secrets of the Celtic Cross

If you’d like to book a reading with me, use my Contact Page, or find more information on my Reading page. This week’s book review was Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin’s book Secrets of the Celtic Cross, which outlines different techniques with which to…

Lonely Tarot Card: Considering the 7 and 9 of Pentacles

In many definitions of the card, it’s noted that they’re alone, that no one is sharing this experience with them. To that I say…so?

6 Ways Learning Tarot is Learning a New Language

But Tarot is kind of like learning another language. You have your grammar, your syntax, your rules and exceptions to the rules—and then suddenly, once you know the basics, all of it goes out the window when you’re introduced to slang.

Interview with Tarot-Reader Jordan Langen

When I explain the cards they’ve picked to them, I try to weave their understanding of the cards like a story. I look at it like a plot. I refer to cards as antagonists, I will refer to the Major Arcana as chapter cards. The reason why is because most people understand the basic break down of a book, and when we look at it in terms we already know, then we can start identifying and making links to things in cards that can brought into mean in our lives every day.

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