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3 of Wands | Discovering the Wild Unknown Episode 17

Today’s card draw from The Wild Unknown Tarot is 3 of Wands in Discovering the Wild Unknown. I want to start off by providing an important notice, which will be included in all of this series. However, other things that will be included that…


Tarot Journaling: 6 Ways It’s Important

It’s been said that when ou write (or speak), it’s forcing all your thoughts that are floating about you to organize and come through one funnel. It forces you to put the thoughts into order in order to bring them forward into the outer world.

Media Review: Mapping the Hero’s Journey with Tarot by Arwen Lynch (e-book)

As I read through this, I put together a completely organic story based on the methods provided in this book. I didn’t have a character, I didn’t have a plot. I just laid the cards out and created an outline to something that I’m excited to start writing.

What Now?: Getting Your First Tarot Deck

As I’ve mentioned before, a new deck will be blank, while a gifted or inherited deck will have the previous handler’s energy in there. Hopefully it will all be good energy. If it’s not, you’ll generally find a deck that immediately gives negative readings or is difficult to shuffle—cards will pop out all over the place, they won’t stay lined up, etc. Cards can be surprisingly characteristic and show their dislike.

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