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The Light Seer’s Tarot: a Deck Review

Using this deck felt like coming home. I am grateful that it is a part of my tarot deck family.


Media Review: Neo Tarot Book and Tarot Deck by Jerico Mandybur

Neo Tarot is a book and deck combination with a direct focus on self-care and development

Deck Review: Tarot Banksy

CooptyLew was brilliant with the pieces she picked for card representation. The 3 of Brushes (Wands) is a person pulling back the grey paint that’s covered graffiti. It’s revealing the compilation of graffiti artists that has built and built, and that no matter how much it gets covered over, there will always be that foundation.

Deck Review: The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

Despite the simplicity of the images, this deck begs you to delve into them, to spend time with each and every card. It’s not enough to do it at the beginning to get to know the deck, but must be done every time you turn a card. The wealth of the information is situational, and alters each time you read it as your questions change.

New Deck: Trippin’ Waite Tarot

I really enjoy some of the political messaging that came from the 60’s and 70’s that are in the deck, as I think a lot of them are still warranted today. It’s fun but still brings a little bit of a serious tone to it, if that’s what you’re after. 

New Deck: Aquarian Tarot In a Tin

The art style I just absolutely adore. It is the epitome of the 70’s if you ask me. It reminds me of movies like The Hobbit (1977), and old t.v. show introductions like the Electric Company  and Schoolhouse Rock. The art style isn’t exactly any of those, yet there is definitely an aspect of the time that is present in all of these mentioned.

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