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Can I Change a Tarot Spread?

There are a lot of Tarot spreads out there. If you follow any Tarot-related hashtag on Instagram, you’ll quickly see how many truly amazing and helpful spreads there are out there. There is a spread for just about every need that there could be….


6 Ways Learning Tarot is Learning a New Language

But Tarot is kind of like learning another language. You have your grammar, your syntax, your rules and exceptions to the rules—and then suddenly, once you know the basics, all of it goes out the window when you’re introduced to slang.

Mood and Tarot: 10 Ways to De-Funk Yourself

when you start feeling like you might be having a foggy day, an off day, a doubting sort of day, look after yourself. Take note. Take note on how long it lasts, what helps, how often it happens, and so on. This can be a precursor.

Expanding the Tarot

I reflected on the lion holding the rose in the card, and considered what Strength was asking of me in this situation. Sure it’s about bringing out compassion and using that as a form of strength/resistance/resilience, but what else?

HOW We Read for Ourselves

How I read the cards was a reflection on my own psychological understanding and view, and by paying attention to how I read the cards, I gained and added, very important layer of insight for this questions.

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