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The Star | Discovering the Wild Unknown Episode 5

The star is someone’s sun. We feel the effects of the sun, the outerworldly self that XIX The Sun expresses to someone else.


8 of Pentacles | Discovering the Wild Unknown Episode 4

It’s a reminder not to get too attached to the ‘practice models’ we create. Just keep going and see where you can improve the next one.

10 of Wands | Discovering the Wild Unknown Episode 3

The wands are dificult to deal with, and it can be easy to lose sight of the goal when everything keeps trying to push away, though cling together.

The Magician | Discovering the Wild Unknown Episode 1

Then, there is also the Cheetah herself, as her animal self. She is the representation of energy readying itself to move. A cheetah watches her prey and then races toward it.

2 of Wands | Weekly Tarot Card: Meditation

The focus of the 2’s is about union, harmony and balance. The element of the Wands is Fire, and for this meditation, we’re going to be focussing on how Fire nourishes us, and what it does to build union and balance. You can read more about the actual element itself in tomorrow’s post on Fire, the Wands, and the Number 2.

Ace of Swords | Weekly Tarot Card Part 2: Meditation

In order for our ideas to be heard, we must communicate with them. In order for us to understand our ideas, we must have good comprehension. Understanding the dual nature of how we communicate, how we understand, and the ideals we hold to be true can determine how our reality is shaped,  and how we influence the world around us.

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