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III Empress | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 4: Symbolism

This is the fourth installment of the Weekly Tarot Card, where we look at the Empress Symbolism. You can read the first three installments in the following links: Monday Observation and Description Tuesday Meditation Wednesday Suit/Element and Number Relate the introduction back to Monday,…


High Priestess | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 4: Symbolism

Today we really crack the card open by looking at the common symbolims associated with the High Priestess.

Ace of Swords | Weekly Tarot Card Part 4: Symbolism

When we initially look at most Aces, there isn’t as much symbolism as the rest of the cars. However, there are still key images within the cards that help to give us clues and insights to their properties. 

Ace of Wands: Weekly Tarot Card

In numerology, 10 would always reduce to 1, but in the Tarot, 10 has it’s own meaning and correlation, and thus while it can be reduced, it isn’t. Thus, there is a special link between the two numbers, in that both resent and end and a beginning.

XV The Devil

Table of Contents The Devil as a Card Description Symbolism Putting It All Together Divinatory Meaning Decks Used XV The Devil This card is generally seen as a particularly scary card. I’ll set the tone right now and say that while it might seem…

Daily Draw: XIV Temperance

What I’m Considering Description and Observation Looking at the Symbols Putting It All Together Divinatory Meaning Decks Used What I’m Considering For this particular card, I didn’t actually consider anything. I did however ask my partner to pick a card, though he just pointed…

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