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2 of Swords | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 1: Description and Observation

This is almost like meditation in a way. You’re focusing your attention on the card while allowing any thoughts about it to rise and pass, without shifting focus. At the end of this exercise, take a recording device, whatever that may before you, and note anything that popped up in the card for you. Consider any particular symbols, colors, imagery that tried to get your attention. At this point, don’t try to interpret it, simply note it


Trusting Your Tarot Cards

When I was learning tarot, or at least, dabbling within the first couple of years of my first deck, I really liked to over-think. I questioned what was there in the cards, wondered if the cards falling from my hands, or my incomplete shuffle was a sign, was a message, or if it was just me being clumsy. I think we all, as tarot readers, have these moments. I hear this question often enough.

Tarot Meditation: Getting to Know Your Cards in 8 Steps

A regular study of tarot is only going to improve you as a reader. By tapping in and meditating with the cards, you’re bringing your new experiences with you and adding them to your understanding of the cards.

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