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Ace of Pentacles | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 5: Putting It All Together

This is the only Ace that doesn’t depict any Yod, indicating it is a card of the material and mundane plane. This is the beginning of finding our feet. We have spent time developing our emotions, our energy and our intellect, and now we must participate in the physical world. This is the beginnings of that development.


New Deck: Trippin’ Waite Tarot

I really enjoy some of the political messaging that came from the 60’s and 70’s that are in the deck, as I think a lot of them are still warranted today. It’s fun but still brings a little bit of a serious tone to it, if that’s what you’re after. 

Ace of Swords | Weekly Card Part 3: Aces and Air

However, if we are aware of what we are saying, if we are aware of what we are thinking, of the knowledge we share, and we concentrate on using the energy of Air for positive means, then while there are difficult lessons within the suit of Swords, we can still gain positive experiences, and thus, create positive experiences.

Tarot Writing Prompt: Scientist With A Problem

In a previous post, I wrote about the benefits of using tarot as a writing tool. I gave step, by step instructions, but I thought I would provide an actual writing prompt so you could see the various ways your 2-card reading can be…

Media Review: Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen

There are two things that I have to say really make this book unique: the promise the title keeps and that it is more than what is between the covers.

Having Multiple Tarot Decks

Collecting tarot cards is just like collecting art. It is different forms of expression to help you express different forms of yourself. We are in a constant flux, we change from day to day. At the core we might be the same, or the core might be slowly changing, but daily, our moods change, and thus how we express ourselves also changes.

How to Use Tarot for Writing with a 2-Card Spread

There are other layouts you can do, however, I feel that there is a lot that can be gained from just a 2-card spread plus the First Operation.

Media Review: Tarot for the Wild Soul

I talk about Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast hosted by Lindsay Mack, and some of the content she covers, throwing in my two cents.

XV The Devil

Table of Contents The Devil as a Card Description Symbolism Putting It All Together Divinatory Meaning Decks Used XV The Devil This card is generally seen as a particularly scary card. I’ll set the tone right now and say that while it might seem…

Feminine and Masciline in Tarot

I wanted to address the idea of feminine and masculine energies within the tarot. I think that it’s very easily assumed that a card heavy in one energy or the other is corresponding to that gender. For example:0 The Empress vs. the Emperor The…

Tarot Media Response: Easy Tarot Lessons –Art and Art

There’s a book that I’ve been seeing on Amazon that’s been suggested on repeat for me. It hasn’t been one that I’ve been particularly interested in for reasons that don’t really matter. However, as it turns out, the author of the book is the…

Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?: Common Tarot Questions Pt 3

There are many theories regarding how time exists. Three main theories attempt provide explanation: presentism, eternalism, and the Growing Block Theory.

Do Tarot Cards Work?: Considering the Skeptic (Common Tarot Questions Part 2)

Read Part I of Common Tarot Questions: Are Tarot Cards Evil?  Someone asking if tarot cards ‘work’ can be aggravating sometimes, but it’s not a bad question. It is completely valid, at least in my mind. After all, especially if someone is a potential…

TradeWinds Tarot and Oracle’s Method of Tarot Mapping (Shared from WordPress)

TradeWinds Tarot and Oracle shared a few ways to map out a person’s life, the lessons they’ve learned and the negativity that follows them. It’s a complex reading in that there are many steps which lead to quite a few readings, but the detail…

Are Tarot Cards Evil?: Common Tarot Questions Part 1

When we are confronted with things we don’t understand and view as a potential threat, we get scared, and a lot of secondary emotions and actions come from fear, such as anger, judgement, rejection, and so on.

Random Tarot Finds: Chickens, Politics, and Chocolate

When considering tarot decks, rule 34 comes to mind, but replace one of the key words with ‘tarot deck’—no matter the idea, there’s a tarot deck made of it.

Interview with Tarot-Reader Jordan Langen

When I explain the cards they’ve picked to them, I try to weave their understanding of the cards like a story. I look at it like a plot. I refer to cards as antagonists, I will refer to the Major Arcana as chapter cards. The reason why is because most people understand the basic break down of a book, and when we look at it in terms we already know, then we can start identifying and making links to things in cards that can brought into mean in our lives every day.

HOW We Read for Ourselves

How I read the cards was a reflection on my own psychological understanding and view, and by paying attention to how I read the cards, I gained and added, very important layer of insight for this questions.

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