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Shape Shifting for Healing and Transformation by XSeptemberStar (WordPress Share)

Fir the first time really ever, I’ve been drawn to animal-based Tarot decks (which I think is highlighted in my interest in the Wild Unknown Tarot). I wanted to explore something deeper, something outside the bounds of humanness, and I didn’t really understand why….


Tarot Talk: Those Age old Myths by Light Wands (WordPress Share)

There are so many myths around Tarot, and I think that taking any opportunity to dispell them is essential. I thought I would share from the Light Wands blog, their thoughts and opinions on these myths. Tarot is an old practice often associated with…

Lesson 47 – King Pentacles — Miss Fiona’s Tea-break Tarot School (WordPress Share)

I regularly read Miss Fiona’s Tea-Break Tarot lessons. I look forward to them. They bring a sense of peace as I read them, and with it being in Taurus season, and with all the retrogrades setting into motion, I wanted to share something grounding…

3-Card Spread — Tarotandthings (Shared from WordPress)

The 3-Card spread is such a classic, and the reason behind this is it’s maliability and ease of reading. Those three cards can represent what you need them to. I thought I would share with you a post from TarotMum13 (whose blog I adore),…

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