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2 of Cups | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 4: Symbolism

The images represented in the cards are designed to be visual triggers for understanding. They are to assist the story, they are to stand out to you during readings. Not all the imagery will be apparent at the same time, but can show itself in the right situation.


The Magician | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 4: Symbolism

This is the fourth installment of the Weekly Tarot Card. You can read the first three installments in the following links: Monday Observation and Description Tuesday Meditation Wednesday Suit/Element and Number Table of Contents Color Animal Bet Plants Posture Decks Used Relate the introduction…

Ace of Pentacles | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 4: Symbols

The white lilies represent love and purity, and are the same ones that are found in the Magician. They are a personal growth, the beginning of something new centered around the heart.

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