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Lonely Tarot Card: Considering the 7 and 9 of Pentacles

In many definitions of the card, it’s noted that they’re alone, that no one is sharing this experience with them. To that I say…so?


7 of Pentacles | Discovering the Wild Unknown Episode 20

~ The Wild Unknown 7 of Pentacles ~ Today’s card draw in the Discovering the Wild Unknown series is the 7 of Pentacles. I want to start off by providing an important notice, which will be included in all of this series. However, other…

Tarot Writing Prompt: Wealth to Faith

I put all the cards together, shuffled them, and divided them into the four piles again in the same manner of the First Operation, though instead of looking through the pile for cards, I gave the pile a little bit of a shuffle before drawing two cards from the top.

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