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Weekly Tarot Card Series

We are slowly making our way through the Tarot, one card per week. We spend time focussing on getting to know each individual cards through four exercises per week.

These exercises include:

Observation and Description during which I invite you to spend time simply looking at the the card, noting anything in particular that stands out to you, though letting these noticings sit with you without judgement or imposition of meaning.

Meditation posts are on Tuesdays, during which I provide a meditation for you to practice to really delve into the card itself and feel it.

Element/Suit and Number analysis happens on Wednesdays. I give the information associated with the element and suit of the card of the week, and give a description of the corresponding number.

Symbolism in common depictions of the card are taken into consideration on Thursdays. This ranges from the astrological signs associated, the colors used, animals, Hewbrew letters, words, etc.

Putting it All Together wraps up the week for the card. We combine all the information from the previous days and create a description of the card, a divinatory meaning, and some keywords to assist in remembering the card meaning.

To get caught up, check out the Weekly Tarot Card series.


During April 2019’s Camp NaNoWriMo, I set the challenge contributing to the already existing challenge of writing a novel in 30 days. For each day of April, a new tarot spread was released to guide and direct the novel. This took into consideration story structure, plot development, theme, character development, and world-building.

You can view a complete list of Tarot Challenges in the Tarot Challenges Tab, or you can jump straight to the #30DayTarotWritingChallenge Here

Discovering the Wild Unknown

The ‘Discovering the Wild Unknown’ series looks at the 2016 deck, The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans. I look at:

  • Card Description
  • Considering the Card, where I look at how I would interpret certain imagery used
  • Traditional Rider-Waite definition

I include the latter as a comparison, to show how wandering down your own understanding of images and symbols can bring you to a similar meaning, though along a different path with different experiences. This is to help expand knowledge of the card.

I started this series because I had read that people struggled with the deck purely because the definitions in the Little White Book were very Rider-Waite-based, and that there wasn’t much wisdom regarding the animals and symbolism chosen.

This series is to help you to decipher the meanings yourselves. I am by no means saying what I have to say about the cards are correct for anyone outside myself. However, I am providing my daily journal entries regarding the deck to act as a guide so that you can begin your own journey.

When I started tarot, I had no idea what to write in my journal, and thus didn’t. Instead I obsessively read and re-read the Little White Book belonging to the Spiral Tarot (which is why today I can completely quote the book). I didn’t trust myself to know the cards, even when I could recite the definitions. I was afraid to put the book down.

To this fear of lack of knowledge, the creator of The Wild Unknown writes:

You do know enough. You’ve been a person on earth every day since you were born. You’ve experienced all the emotions and situations these cards depict. Quiet the naysayer…don’t let it prevent you from sitting down with a friend (or yourself) and using these cards to help talk about what’s going on in your life. It will be positive. It will be radical. You’ll find things start to reveal themselves through the cards that have been hidden away, covered with dust.

pp. 10-11, The Wild Unknown Guidebook

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Media Reviews

Every week I review a Tarot-related media. This migh be a podcast, a YouTube channel, Instagram account, or–my favorite–a book. My goal in this is to help inspire people to keep learning, and spread their research-net widely.

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Common Tarot Questions

This is less of a series and more just a sharing of reflection. Here are some links to common Tarot questions I’ve answered: