Dissecting The Tarot

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Ace of Cups

Seven Ways to Look at a Tarot Card

There are so many components that make up a Tarot card, and thus, it creates an array of methods to read a card.

While this page assists you in looking up the different ways to get to know the cards, toward the bottom of the page is a list of Weekly Tarot Cards covered thus far which provide exercises to really get to know the depth of a card.

When considering specifically the Rider-Waite Tarot, there are specific colors used in every card. From mismatched shoes, to the color of the sky, there is symbolism and meaning in each depiction. However, when you take other decks based on the RWT, such as say, the Trippin’ Waite, or tarot more broadly related such as the Spiral Tarot, there may not be the same color associations, the intion behind the color uses, or a completely different pallette with just as much information.

Day 11 30-Day Tarot Writing Challenge

Thus, it helps to study these different aspects in order to learn the Tarot on a deeper level. Not only will it help remember the different meanings of each of the cards, but each artist brings a different perspective to the table, and thus, with each perspective is a new experience and understanding.

Similarly, the symbolism in each deck is going to vary. Some may lean heavily on Kabalistic symbolism, while others might turn to Greek mythology, or the language of animals, or Asian folklore.

The Seven Ways

There are seven ways in which we break down the tarot at Karma Star Tarot, which can be explored on the following pages:

Astrology in Tarot

Color in Tarot

Duality in Tarot

Elements in Tarot

Hebrew in Tarot

Numbers in Tarot

Other Symbols in Tarot

Weekly Tarot Card Series

Each week we go through the Weekly Tarot card and break it down, day by day. We spend a day observing the card, a day meditating on the card, a day breaking down the element/suit and number associated with the card, and the popular symbolism of the card.

Here is a list of the cards we’ve gone through so far. This list will be updated as we go along. Links are provided for the past cards.

Ace of WandsObservationMeditationElement and NumberSymbols
Ace of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Ace of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Ace of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
I MagicianObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
2 of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
2 of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
2 of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
2 of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
II High PriestessObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
3 of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
3 of Cups ObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
3 of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
3 of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
III EmpressObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
4 of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
4 of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
4 of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
4 of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
IV EmperorObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
5 of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
5 of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
5 of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
5 of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
V HierophantObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
6 of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
6 of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
6 of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
6 of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
VI LoversObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
7 of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
7 of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
7 of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
7 of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
VII ChariotObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
8 of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
8 of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
8 of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
8 of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
VIII StrengthObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
9 of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
9 of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
9 of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
9 of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
IX HermitObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
10 of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
10 of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
10 of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
10 of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
X Wheel of FortuneObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Page of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Page of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Page of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Page of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
XI Justice
Knight of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Knight of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Knight of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Knight of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
XII Hanged ManObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Queen of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Queen of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Queen of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
Queen of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
XIII DeathObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
King of WandsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
King of CupsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
King of SwordsObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
King of PentaclesObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
XIV TemperanceObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
XV DevilObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
XVI TowerObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
XVII StarObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
XVIII MoonObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
XIX SunObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
XX JudgementObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
0 FoolObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols
XXI WorldObservationMeditationElement/NumberSymbols

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