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New Deck: Aquarian Tarot In a Tin

The art style I just absolutely adore. It is the epitome of the 70’s if you ask me. It reminds me of movies like The Hobbit (1977), and old t.v. show introductions like the Electric Company  and Schoolhouse Rock. The art style isn’t exactly any of those, yet there is definitely an aspect of the time that is present in all of these mentioned.


Media Review: Affecting Your Reality With Tarot by Janet Boyer (E-Book)

I came across this author actually via a blog. I was reading Tarot Mum 13’s blog post on Tarot and Things, ‘Back to Basics‘ about their tarot journey so far, and they were kind enough to post a delicious picture of all their tarot…

Media Review: Tarot and Quantum Attraction (Book)

This was an accidental Amazing 1-click buy, but once I realized what I’d done, I thought I’d just role with it. It might surprise me. Plus it was only £4.90, which is insanely cheap for a self-published print book.

Media Review: Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen

There are two things that I have to say really make this book unique: the promise the title keeps and that it is more than what is between the covers.

Media Review: Tarot for the Wild Soul

I talk about Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast hosted by Lindsay Mack, and some of the content she covers, throwing in my two cents.

Tarot Media Response: Easy Tarot Lessons –Art and Art

There’s a book that I’ve been seeing on Amazon that’s been suggested on repeat for me. It hasn’t been one that I’ve been particularly interested in for reasons that don’t really matter. However, as it turns out, the author of the book is the…

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