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Tarot Writing Prompt: I Get Knocked Down

Knights are also the court-member of fire, and thus, equally have the passion and drive. The Knight of Rods, or Wands, already eager and energetic, is more driven by energy.


Tarot Writing Prompt: Protagonist vs. Antagonist Spread

This is an opportunity do really bring depth to your protagonist and your antagonist. If they are completely at odds with one another, then their goals should be at odds. If they’re similar, then it gives the opportunity for conflict within their opposition of each other. Meta conflict, if you will.

Tarot for Writers – Character Development Spread

This is just a quick post for all you writers our there struggling with your character development. I found this fantastic post by Amanda Patterson on Tumbler who shares a layout to get to know your hero. This is the layout she supplies, so I…

Tarot Writing Prompt: Wealth to Faith

I put all the cards together, shuffled them, and divided them into the four piles again in the same manner of the First Operation, though instead of looking through the pile for cards, I gave the pile a little bit of a shuffle before drawing two cards from the top.

Writing Promt: Good News

First Operation This week I selected the Fool O for the signifier. I chose this because of the aspect of the journey, the open heartedness of the character of the Fool, and the willingness to experience new things. For the First Operation, I found…

Tarot Writing Prompt: Stuck in an Elevator

The Response was the Reversed Queen of Swords, and what’s influencing her was the Knight of Coins Reversed.

Story Concept Tarot Spread for Writing Prompts

This is a spread specifically designed for those of you who have a concept in mind, but no plot. Or, if you have a character in mind but nothing to do with them, this spread is for you.

Tarot Writing Prompt: Scientist With A Problem

In a previous post, I wrote about the benefits of using tarot as a writing tool. I gave step, by step instructions, but I thought I would provide an actual writing prompt so you could see the various ways your 2-card reading can be…

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