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Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?: Common Tarot Questions Pt 3

There are many theories regarding how time exists. Three main theories attempt provide explanation: presentism, eternalism, and the Growing Block Theory.


Do Tarot Cards Work?: Considering the Skeptic (Common Tarot Questions Part 2)

Read Part I of Common Tarot Questions: Are Tarot Cards Evil?  Someone asking if tarot cards ‘work’ can be aggravating sometimes, but it’s not a bad question. It is completely valid, at least in my mind. After all, especially if someone is a potential…

TradeWinds Tarot and Oracle’s Method of Tarot Mapping (Shared from WordPress)

TradeWinds Tarot and Oracle shared a few ways to map out a person’s life, the lessons they’ve learned and the negativity that follows them. It’s a complex reading in that there are many steps which lead to quite a few readings, but the detail…

Are Tarot Cards Evil?: Common Tarot Questions Part 1

When we are confronted with things we don’t understand and view as a potential threat, we get scared, and a lot of secondary emotions and actions come from fear, such as anger, judgement, rejection, and so on.

Forgiveness and The Star in Tarot: A Mental Wandering

So I considered what forgiveness means, or rather, centered my mind on the word and began shuffling. Immediately, The Star popped up.

Random Tarot Finds: Chickens, Politics, and Chocolate

When considering tarot decks, rule 34 comes to mind, but replace one of the key words with ‘tarot deck’—no matter the idea, there’s a tarot deck made of it.

Interview with Tarot-Reader Jordan Langen

When I explain the cards they’ve picked to them, I try to weave their understanding of the cards like a story. I look at it like a plot. I refer to cards as antagonists, I will refer to the Major Arcana as chapter cards. The reason why is because most people understand the basic break down of a book, and when we look at it in terms we already know, then we can start identifying and making links to things in cards that can brought into mean in our lives every day.

HOW We Read for Ourselves

How I read the cards was a reflection on my own psychological understanding and view, and by paying attention to how I read the cards, I gained and added, very important layer of insight for this questions.

Daily Draw: II The High Priestess

The repetition of the symbolism in the card which all revolve around intuition and spiritual knowledge and balance is a forceful message, entailing its importance within this card.

Final Outcome: The Future is Not Pre-Determined

We all want answers, we all want to know what is to come, but at the end of the day, our destiny is in our own hands.

Daily Reading: Eight of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles Seeing as this is the first entry of a daily draw, I wanted to give a little bit of an introduction. The card for today is the Eight of Pentacles, and I wanted to look into the various interpretations of this…

An Introduction to Tarot

Disclaimer I have to start off with this disclaimer: Tarot is not fortune-telling. There are many people who believe that it is fortune-telling in its literal definition, however, there are some differences. Tarot is a guidance, a set of cards that taps into what…

The Journey Begins

I had to keep the title. Why not? I know that it’s part of the first blog post template that WordPress gives you, but considering this is a blog regarding tarot and divination, it seems only appropriate that the first entry should be about…

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