The #30DayTarotWritingChallenge is designed to help writers structure their novel. Initially inspired by Camp NaNoWriMo with the idea that these spreads can be reused for the ultimate Novemeber NaNoWriMo, each of the spreads takes a different aspect of story structure to get you unstuck where you need.

You can use these spreads for each day of November, starting with October 31 (Day 0), or you can get a jump-start on your novel and prepare an outline ahead of time.

The beautiful thing about using the Tarot for writing is that you don’t need to know the meanings of the cards. Look at how the images speak to you in the context of your project. If the meaning carries greater significance, then go for the traditional meaning of the card. If it’s the image of the lion being quelled in Strength that really sparks inspiration, then go with that.

This helps you to get to know the cards, connect the cards with your creative side, and also helps connect you with your intuition, which is also connected to your creative side (both represented by water and the suit of Cups) .

Go on, have fun, and most importantly–let me know how it all goes!

You can find Tarot writing prompts here.

Introduction: (Camp) NaNoWriMo Writing Challenge #30DayTarotWritingChallenge
Day 0: Basic Outline
Day 1: Opening Scenes
Day 2: World-Building
Day 3: Creating a Dynamic Cast
Day 4: 3-Act Life Spread
Day 5: Creating the Mentor
Day 6: I’m Stuck
Day 7: Making a Problem
Day 8: Trials–Yes-But-No-And–
Day 9: Protagonist & Antagonist
Day 10: Developing Your Antagonist
Day 11: Sidekick Development
Day 12: The Turn
Day 13: Theme
Day 14: Act II
Day 15: Antagonist’s 1st Display of Power
Day 16: Character Background
Day 17: Data Dump
Day 18: Antagonist’s 2nd Display of Power
Day 19: Demise of the Mentor
Day 20: Sidekick’s Demise
Day 21: Demise of the Antagonist
Day 22: Building the Climax
Day 23: The Climax
Day 24: Reward and Scars
Day 25: Loose Ends
Day 26: The Antagonist’s Return
Day 27: The MC’s Spiritual Growth
Day 28: Returning with the Elixir
Day 29: Preparation for Editing
Day 30: The End Spread