Good Morning Eos; Good Night Offer

Good morning readers and writers!

I woke up this morning feeling so excited for this October day. I sat down at my computer and peered over the fence just outside my window to see a thick wall of fog, set to inspire my absolute adoration of autumn.

I thought I would start the day by asking for some guidance from my new oracle deck (which I am so excited to have!), Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark.

I shuffled, thinking about how excited I was for the day, and asking what guidance the deck had for me this morning.

Out popped Eos.

The authors write:

‘To the poet Homer, Eos was the “rosy-fingered” goddess of the dawn. As she rises, she lifts up the night sky, yet through her veil some stars remain visible. Her seductive appearance entices us to rise and welcome a new day…When Eos is chosen, it suggests you are at the dawning of an adventure or new stage of life. The future is filled with new possibilities…’

Little White Book, p. 15

After posting my offering yesterday, I was so thrilled by how quickly my available spots filled up, and I am excited to work with each person. This card aptly summarizes what I hope to move forward with, and I am so grateful for those who are coming with me for the journey.

However, this does mean that the offer is now closed. I’m so sorry for those who missed it this time. Our partnership was not meant to be, yet at least. But thank you to all of you who did respond. I’m grateful for your interest.

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