KarmaStar: Writing Coach (Free Offer)

Ok guys, I have a confession: I’m not just a two-dimensional character. I do more than just read tarot. I have many interests and hobbies and experiences, such as writing! But I’m sure you guessed that after exploring my writing prompts and my #30DayTarotWritingChallenge.

However, I have even more about me than just reading tarot and writing stories (and blog posts). I’m wanting to delve into the world of Writing Coaching. As a former student at Durham University studying English in the UK, as well as years of experience as a writing tutor in the US, I’ve worked with dozens (approaching a hundred or more) of writers on their essays, short stories, novels, and even their gaming storylines (any DMs out there?).

So here’s what I’d like to offer you: I’d like to work without on your NaNoWriMo projects. I’ll take three of you, totally free of charge, and work with you through your current WIP. You don’t have to specifically be working on NaNoWriMo, but just on a novel that you want to get done by say New Year. I’ll work with you for two months, with an hour session a week, giving you 8 hours of my one-on-one attention in total.

What do these sessions include?

  • Weekly hour-long sessions either via messenger or via Skype, or sessions which run every other week for up to two hours. If you opt for the latter, regardless of session length, it will be seen as a two-hour session, thus giving you four one-on-one sessions with this offer. Take full advantage of the two hours—I do love to talk story theory!
  • Plot development. This can be talking through holes you can’t figure out, strengthening weaknesses, etc.
  • Character development
  • Writers block. Addressing any fears that might be holding you up, working through where you might be stuck, providing exercises to get you unstuck (this can include a four-card Tarot reading to address this as well).
  • Setting and maintaining goals
  • Conversation around any of the spreads you’ve used to plot or create your WIP
  • A second pair of eyes. I’ll provide a readthrough of your chapters in a beta-reader capacity. This means that either I’ll read your completed manuscript when you’ve achieved your goal, or I will read chapter by chapter as you write them (however, I won’t do both at this point). I’ll provide feedback and notes of clarity in scenes, any holes spotted, etc.

What this does not include:

  • Line editing. While I do provide a freelance editing service, this won’t be included in these sessions. However, if that’s something you’re interested in, we can talk pricing.
  • Discussion outside our designated session times. I will of course be reading whatever you send my way to work with you, and I will make comments on the document (though no edits) that can be discussed during our sessions. However, for the sake of not burning myself out, I’d like to keep discussion of your work to our one-on-one times.

What I’m asking from you:

  • Dedication and Respect. If you take me up on this offer I request your dedication. This is an offer I’m not making lightly, and I hope you realize the energy I want to put in toward your project for free in this offer. Please be respectful of this and be sure to show up as equally as if you were paying me £100 a session. Please show the dedication to this relationship, and be ready to follow through for the next twelve weeks.
  • Understanding. I have tutored students with English while they learn it as a second language. I have worked with students as young as 15 to as old as 70 on essays, research papers, reports, short stories, and articles. I have worked with folks to develop blog posts, and with gamers developing a Dungeons & Dragons storyline. However, I have not specifically worked as a coach. While I have been learning to this over the past few months, I have yet to put it to the test, and thus, I request your understanding and patience during my learning process. This is part of the reason why I am offering this service for free, so that I can learn through practice.
  • Feedback. While I am so excited to work on this with you, I am in part doing this so that I can have experience working with writers for several weeks on their larger projects in a coaching capacity. At the end of the 12 weeks, I hope you’ll provide me with feedback on how I can improve, what I did well, and what more I might bring to the table for future clients.
  • Professionalism. Please show me the same professionalism you would show a colleague, a mentor, a trainer. Be communicative if you aren’t able to make a session—I’m happy to reschedule. Pretend you are paying me a lot of money to do this, and that this is an investment for you, and treat your work as such. Remember, you will only get out of these sessions what you put in. While I can help you to develop your story and get you through blocks, you still have to be the one to do the work. You have to write the scenes, brainstorm the climax, and consider the motivation of your characters (I can ghost write your story for you if you want, but for that I will be charging).

Have I got your attention yet? If so, if you’re interested, or you have any questions, feel free to use the Contact Me form and send me an email. We can chat, see if we’re a good match and go from there.

I’m so excited to work with you, and I hope this will be the start of an exciting new adventure!

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