New Moon Libra, Balance, and the Climate Crisis

This is the first time in a long time I felt that I had something that must be said, and I think, I hope, that it’s the reawakening of my blogging. I have so many things I want to say, I just hope I can get my thoughts organized enough to get it all out.

Today marks the New Moon in Libra, which is a time of balance. The Autumn and Spring Equinoxes in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively mark this balance as well, with (very closely) equal night and day. Though I know the equinox was last week, both these symbols of balance have occurred very close together. I find this deeply significant.

The world is at a turning point. We hare in dire need of changing something in order to keep itself in balance. I was listening to a beautiful podcast episode by Lindsey Mac on Tarot for the Wild Soul, and she was expressing how the autumn equinox is a preparation for death while the spring equinox is a preparation for rebirth, and how one can not be prepared for without the other. This is how I often express the 10’s and Aces in the Tarot.

And right now, we are seeing exactly that: a preparation of death of the old ways and a preparation of life of the new.

The world has been taken by the Greta Thunberg phenomenon, and other great and wonderfully brave and strong young people such as Autumn Peltier (13), Nadia Nazar (17), Isra Hirsi (16), and so many more. Every time I hear any one of them speak, I am personally moved to tears.

A few months ago, when the new report came out that said we only had 12 years to try and backpedal to fix the Climate Crisis, I had a bit of a freak out. I examined everything I personally was doing and looked for how I could make my own personal changes, but was at a loss as to what else to do. I then went on to contact every witch in the public eye that I follow on social media (via YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, blogging, etc.) and ask them to work within their covens to do some world awakening magick to help the environment.

And finally, I fell to my knees and I prayed to the Universe.

I don’t pray. I think this is the first time I’ve done so in this manner, and I’ve found myself returning to this position again and again. I speak to the Universe, I give thanks, but for this, I actually prayed.

I’ve considered myself pagan for 21 years now, though participated in spell work and ritual fairly randomly, and thus, I felt that none of my efforts would be grand enough (thus I turned to “established” witches). However, I do know how to send my thoughts and desires into the Universe by opening myself up, and thus it was the only thing I can do.

Isra Hirsi
Image Credit: Adam Iverson,

I prayed for someone like Isra, like Nadia, like Greta, and like Autumn. And I am not arrogant enough to think that I am the only one who did this. I know there are thousands and hopefully millions out there who have prayed for the same. And we have been delivered these voices.

I know this is not the regular analytic tone I generally take on in my posts. I recognize that. But I also recognize that sometimes I just have to put analysis aside and recognize the blessings for what they are. Sometimes I feel like to question and analyze takes away the magic of reality, prevents the miraculous from being observed, and thus creates for a far duller world (that being said, there are some mind-boggling discoveries found via analysis, scientific and Socratic methods, that are even more magical because of their methods of discovery, but those are far fewer). These individual voices that have risen up to create one voice, a plea for help from those who can make the changes in legislation and policy around the world, and regardless of how you view it, they are a miracle, and they are an answer to those of us who have asked.

When one receives a gift, it is not enough simply to receive it. It must be honored, and thus, while these wonderful individuals have the spotlight, we must do our parts to honor them. So ask yourself what you are doing to honor those who speak for the trees, the oceans, the atmosphere, the future.

Personally, I have made my small changes to begin with:

  • I no longer drive my own car
  • I won’t buy any books/journals/cards first hand (if I do, they must be made or recycled material, and for books I opt for e-books and audiobooks where possible)
  • Part of our power is solar (though I will say that isn’t my doing, but was this way when I moved here)
  • I take recyclable things from my day job home so that I can recycle them (they won’t be at my work otherwise)
  • I’m refraining from purchasing disposable things where possible and things in plastic.
  • I use websites like Ecosia (a search engine that plants trees for each search)
  • I research the businesses behind the products I buy to ensure that I’m supporting environmental ethics (not always possible, I realize, but there are some fantastic companies such as OrganiCup for menstrual cycles, who are environmentally-oriented, for example)
  • I make sure I’m not purchasing anything that uses Palm oil (there are supposedly sustainably resourced palm oil sources, but when I went to research how that was possible, I found that it actually isn’t. A really quick Google (or Ecosia!) search will show several article debunking sustainable palm oil at the top of the page).
  • While I used to be vegetarian, and would like to return to it, I’m not at that point yet, though I won’t support any beef or dairy production (my partner’s having a difficult time with this one, as he’s all about steak and milk and cheese, but we’re working on it)

These are small gestures, but they’re a start for my situation.

Where can I go from here? I can meet up with local environmental groups and see what else I can get involved in. I personally would like to eventually work with the local councils to see what I can do to make it a legal requirement for businesses to recycle all glass, cardboard, paper, and plastics, separately. I’ve seen far too many businesses happily throw away unused blank paper in the trash because they couldn’t be bothered doing anything else with it. Likewise, I’d like to look into how France created a zero-food waste system (I think it’s France, anyway), and see how that can be implemented in foodservice industries. Finally, when my tarot business gets big enough, I’d like to donate 20% of my profits to environmental causes, whether it be planting trees locally, or to large organizations like the WWF.

Ancient Feminine Wisdome of Goddesses and Heroines Perseophone by Kay Steventon & Brian Clark
‘Persephone is characteristic of the intense changes that occur when we come in contact with the unconscious. The descent stage in the archetypcal journey confronts unknown aspects of the self’ (pg. 25 of the LWB).

This is how I am preparing for the rebirth. It is up to us to restore the balance of this world. Greta’s plea is not that we let her give us answers, but that we, as adults, do what we are responsible to do: adult. If we are not preparing a better future for the generations to come, then why are we even making generations? We need to act like adults, like nest-makers, like people who want the best for our children. We need to find the balance between human and non-human nature. We need to balance ourselves in this world, because the earth is not just about us. It’s about the delicate ecosystems that ensure that we can survive on this planet.

Finally, it’s about balancing masculine and feminine energies. So far in history we have been in an excess of masculine energy and let it topple into problematic. I, as always, am not attacking men, but rather the active energy that masculine energy (which can be embodied by anyone) that has been left unchecked. We need action, we need force, absolutely. However, it has become like a Tarot card reversed, extreme and thus toxic. Our action and force has become laden in hubris and dominance. We can balance this out with feminine energy which, while passive, is also listening and intuitive and nurturing.

The New Moon in Libra is represented by the Justice card, a card which is the representation of right and wrong. We know what is right in this world. We know what is right in this world. We know what is right in this world! Sometimes what is right is uncomfortable, but I truly believe that if we actually balance our hearts against the weight of a feather that we know what is the right thing to do.

Balance comes in all forms and transactions. Consider when we go to the shop to buy a loaf of bread, we are charged what it’s seen to be worth, and thus seen to be an equal exchange. When we see something as expensive or cheap, then we feel it’s out of balance, either in our favor or out of our favor. However, the exchange is there. When something is less costly than we thought it should or would be, then we are excited, happy, and perhaps enjoy the product more because we feel we got a bargain. Gifts are no different. While gifts don’t require another gift to complete an exchange, honoring the gift is necessary. We can do this by expressing our joy in receiving it, by keeping it safe, by using it, etc., whatever the gift requires.

The young voices calling out for environmental action against the Climate Crisis are a gift. And it is up to us to honor it to keep in the theme of balance.

Thus, I have questions for you to consider. There is no right or wrong answer, but I only request that you sit in stillness and allow the answers to come to you, what is right and meaningful to you. If you wish, draw a Tarot or Oracle card and spend some time journaling or recording your thoughts on the questions.

  1. How does balance speak to you personally?
  2. Regarding the last answer, how does this apply to a larger scale (in your home, community, town, country, the world)?
  3. What actions can/will you take to ensure balance?

It should be noted too that I am not associated with any of the above-mentioned companies. I have no affiliation other than I use their product/service and recommend them personally.

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