Non-Binary Paganism — Book of Eucalypt

I wanted to share this post from Book of Eucalypt because I do think this is important, especially when we’re considering Tarot. While Tarot isn’t Paganism, it is closely linked with it, though itself doens’t have a specific spiritual path.

One of the issues with it which is addressed in Queering the Tarot is the bionary lanugage within it: Queens and Kings, Emperor and Empress, never mind the portrayal of haromony between man and woman in cards like the Lovers, the Devil, and the 2 of Cups.

While the idea of masculine and feminine don’t necessarily only correspond to men being masculine and women being feminine, but rather adress the energies, it is easy to simply see it in a heteronormative way. The more we spend time considering these things, the more we can broaden our understanding and bring in the complexity of life into our readings, thus only creating a more accurate and realistic art.

This article is going to be speaking of Witchcraft within the Pagan umbrella because, due to my personal practice, it’s all intertwined. As a polytheist, I don’t separate the two. With more and more of us discovering that we don’t fit within the binary of standard gender – that is, we don’t associate with our […]

Non-Binary Paganism — Book of Eucalypt

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