4 of Wands | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 2: Meditation

This is the second installment of the 4 of Wands Weekly Tarot Card. You can read the first installment, ‘Observation and Description’ here. Today, we will look at the 4 of Wands meditation.

To prepare for this, pull out your 4 of Wands from your deck or decks, and something to record with. This could be something to write with or something to record audio, whatever works best for you.

Find yourself a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of this meditation. Allow yourself at least ten minutes for the meditation, plus a few more to record your thoughts.

4 of Wands Meditation

Breathe in, finding that quiet center in yourself. Imagine the goodness of fresh air filling your lungs with white light. As it passes through your throat chakra, your heart chakra, and moves down into your belly, the chakras grow brighter.

Breathe like this for a few moment until you feel yourself calm and relaxed. Notice if there is any tension in your body. Your neck? Shoulders? Legs? Hands? Toes? Mentally go through your body and release your muscles. Breathe.

Feel the warmth on your face from the sun. Smell the scent of freshly cut grass, and hear the rustle of branches as a light breeze blows through them. You can hear the laughing and chatter of a group of people not far away. They sound like they’re having a good time.

Look to the left, what do you see? What do you feel?

Look to the right. What do you see? What do you feel?

You can start to make out what the cluster of people are saying. They’re raising their glasses, toasting, and you hear your name. It is in your honor. You are the reason they are here, and they are happy. Their joy is infectious, and you can feel it.

They are celebrating your creation, your brain baby. What is it? What is your passion, your creative pursuit that is the purest of passion that you want to come to fruition? What does it look like to reach stability? Is it a building? Is it a team coming together to create it? What does the stable aspect of your passion look like?

This is what they’re toasting, and this is what you see before you.

Spend some time exploring this, whatever it means to you. Does it mean touching it? Reading it? Shaking hands? Signing documents? Explore the group of people there, what do they have to say? What thanks are they giving you? What praise? What advice?

Spend as much time as you’d like here. When you’re reading, take a few deep breaths to bring yourself back into your body, and open your eyes.

Spend some time recording what you observed during your meditation. What did you think? What did you feel? Did it give you a pathway to making your creation something stable? Did you struggle to envision your passion in fruition? Consider why that might have been. Is there anything blocking you from creating that vision?

This meditation is just as much about getting into the 4 of Wands as it is about creating a vision of your goals so you can map them out. If this was helpful, use it while brainstorming a plan of action. In readings you can use this card as a signifier to help you ask for directional guidance, as well. Yesterday’s observation and today’s 4 of Wands meditation are designed to help you create your own experiences with the card. Tomorrow we will look at the element and number of the 4 of Wands, giving you two points of guidance to enhance your understanding and definition of the card.

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