Empress | Weekly TarotCard Pt 5: Defining the Empress

This is the fifth and last installment in this Weekly Tarot Card series. The next series will begin on Monday. However, if you’d like to get caught up on the rest of the week, you can use the following links:

The week started with a couple of exercises to help you get to know the Empress. The aim of observing the card and meditating on the card was to see what you personally see. Midway through the week, we looked at the more universal representations in the card. These layers do not make the definition completely, but put together, they help you to make your definition.

Today we look at what hat might be. The definition I provide isn’t the only definition, but it is what I personally gain through my own observations, meditations, and interpretation of the element, number, and images in the card. Before going on to read this, I encourage you to look back at the exercises and do the same.

Empress Definition

The Empress, at her core, is a card of nurturing. She is not just the element of Earth, but she has the number 3 backing her, which is the power of creation. The wheat around her is symbol of abundance and harvest, of fruition and readiness to collect. In many depictions, the Empress is seen as pregnant, and I remember once reading a description of her that she is perpetually pregnant. Symbolically, she’s perpetually creating, nurturing, a space in which for development to happen. She is the garden in which plants happily grow, she is the eco-system that provides shelter, food, and safety to those within.

The Empress is a mother, in whatever that may mean. Each individual might have a different experience with the concept of ‘mother’. For some, the word means warmth, embracing, protective, to others they might mean manipulative with their love. The Empress is all of the definitions of mother, all in one. At her worst, she is manipulative of her children, or overbearing, smothering them. At her best, she is the encourager of growth, and the loving, guiding support that we all need. When the Empress appears, she might be asking you to consider your own relationship with your mother, or your own Empress within you.

The Empress represents the Earth. Not only is Earth her element, but I cannot think of a better definition of Mother Earth than the Empress. She is that which keeps the natural world in motion. She creates beauty, protects, shelters, feeds. She is the ocean currents, she is the mountains, the lakes, the forests, the meadows, the deserts, the ice caps. She is all of it. Sometimes she is radiant, generous, and kind, and other times she is raging volcanos, earthquakes, and tidal waves. She is the best and the worst of the natural world, but we have to love her, because she is our World.

Empress Defintion: Divinatory Meaning

The Empress is the symbol of fertility, and expression of the self. While the High Priestess called to bring forth ideas and to nurture them, the Empress is those ideas about to flourish. She represents abundance and the birth of new ideas and creativity. She is the feminine which needs to come out and be expressed. Allow her to take your hand and guide you.


Love, beauty, fruition, fertility, ideas, nurturing, nature, serenity, arts, happiness, desire.

The Empress is the last of the 3’s in our series. Next week we now move onto the 4’s, beginning with the Wands.

What were your experiences with the Empress? How do you feel that she is a part of your life? Or how do you feel that you need to bring her into your life more fully? Fell free to leave a comment and share your experience.

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