A Note on Self-Care and the Empress

Those of my hard-core readers might have noticed I’ve been slacking a little this week on my posts. They’ve for the most part all arrived, but most of them have been late.

I’ve taken an unexpected week for self-care. Not anything major, but just enough for me to remind myself not to stress about blog-post times, not to be militant about getting everything done.

The Empress is the Weekly Tarot Card this week, and as such, I’ve been working on embodying the core of what she’s about to me, which is nurture. She is a reminder that we have to take care of ourselves. While she’s also known as a sign of fertility, whether that be bodily or creatively, she’s also a reminder that we cannot create if we are not healthy enough to do so. She is the reminder to look after ourselves and listen to those signs that tell us such.

So, while some mornings this week I’ve struggled to get out of bed, or even face a glowing compter screen, I’ve listened to this resistence. When I’m walking the dogs and my legs feel like they’re going to buckle from mental exhaustion, I listen to them, and I took the moment to sit down.

This week has been about finding the balance between my blog and taking time for myself. I’ve been trying to embody the Empress as and however I can.

This wasn’t planned. I would have let you know if it was. However, I would like to offer an apology for my tardiness on posts and absence of others. This won’t be a regular thing. But I feel good for allowing myself this flexability, and it has taught me a valuable lesson:

It’s ok to look after myself.

My views for the most part didn’t deminish, I didn’t lose followers–in fact I gained them (thank you new readers!), and I feel better for it.

So thank you for your patience with me and my blog. I hope in the future I’ll spy these things coming sooner so I can prepare better for them.

However, this does come with a little announcement.

While this week has been really good for me, I’m just putting a pause this weekend on the Writing Prompts. I’m so sorry. I do believe strongly in using Tarot as a creative writing tool, and I love the response and excitement I get as a result of these prompts. But I just don’t have it in me to add those to the other posts I already have.

On top of having a blog-chilled week, I’ve had a very busy personal week–chickens, poetry reading events, extra work–oh my! So I haven’t been able to get ahead of this weekends posts like I usually do. Thus, this weekend will be without for some of the posts.

However! They will resume next week.

Again, thank you so much for your patience with me. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you so much for your support!

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