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This week’s Media review was a double-whammy of book and Tarot deck with the Neo Tarot by Jerico Mandybur. This book/deck combo focusses on using the cards for self-care and healing rather than predictive reading practices. One of the ways of doing this is to use the Self-Care Pyramid Spread.

Slef-Care Pyramid Spread

For today’s Spread to Practice, I chose the Self-Care Pyramid Spread provided in the book.

The purpose of this spread is to look at what it is that you need, what’s blocking you, and encouragement for dealing with said blockage.

What do you need right now? Self-care is the practical answer to that question. But looking after our basic needs isn’t necessarily easy. Sometimes our foundational requirements are the hardest to address. We’re not always taught how to tend them, so what’s obvious and overly simple to some can be a real challenge to others…[W]hen we’re struggling to look after ourselves, tarot can assist us in not only figuring out how to improve our self-care through introspection and soul searching, but also help us figure out what to do with what we find. That’s the purpose of this spread.

p. 24, Neo Tarot

The Self-Care Pyramid Spread starts at the pyramid with the first card, then moves right to left on the following rows—the second row providing two cards, and the third row providing three cards.

The positions are:

  1. My Current Mental State
  2. Self-Care Recommendation
  3. What’s Stopping Me?
  4. How to Address This.
  5. The Benefits of Addressing it.
  6. How I Will Thrive.

When I first read the reading, I was pretty excited about it. I thought it was a good way to check in with the self. Since having the deck, I’ve found that I do this about once a week, allowing me to use the Self-Care methods provided.

A Couple Considerations Regarding the Self-Care Pyramid Spread

Firstly, it doesn’t address what the third position means. Of course it’s called, ‘What’s Stopping Me,’ but what is that in reference of? Stopping me from a goal related to the reading? Stopping me from practicing self-care? Stopping me from specifically practicing the self-care suggestion of position 2? Regarding the position, Mandybur writes:

We all block ourselves from doing the things we could be doing better to look after ourselves. We’re running around being busy, we’re ignoring our needs, we’re putting others above ourselves. What does this card say about your blocks?

p. 24, Neo Tarot

When you do this reading, you should probably decide what you feel that position means to you. You can try without doing that, and make the decision based on the information provided, but it can sometimes turn out like clutching straws in the dark.

As I read did my spread, I read it as what’s stopping me from practicing self-care.

Secondly, and quite closely to the ‘firstly,’ the book doesn’t address what ‘this’ should be addressed. Is it the problem revolving around the reading? The blockage that’s stopping ‘it’? What is this?

Again, I chose to read it as a combination of the self-care advice and what’s stopping me. It seemed to fit nicely.

Self-Care Pyramid Spread: My Reading

Unlike last week, I felt more comfortable sharing a personal reading. I did this reading right after my interview with the deck, which I posted on the Media Review. In my Tarot Journal, I simply labeled it as ‘Weekly Check-in.’

1. My Current Mental State – 3 of Wands

I want to expand. Things are going well, and as a result, I’m itching to get them to go further. However, this card warns of patience, and allowing things to grow naturally rather than pushing them sooner than they’re ready. ‘Don’t lose momentum now, things are just beginning to flower’ (p. 66)

2. Self-Care Recommendations – 3 of Swords

Set a goal to work on forgiving someone, even if it’s just yourself. Work on simply processing; notice where you’re at right now and where you want to be. Stay present with your current feelings and forgive yourself for any undesirable ones. Know they’re an essential part of the journey too.

p. 50, Neo Tarot

I actually felt that this directly corresponded to the 9 of Swords of the Interview reading in my Media Review. In the position of ‘What do you have to each me?’ I got the 9 of Swords, telling me that it would help me through processing my issues.

3. What’s Stopping Me? – 8 of Pentacles

I focus too much on practicing and honing my skills. I’m too focused on my work that I’m just not allowing myself time to self-care. How can I? I have a lot I want to do and time is a trigger for my anxiety. If I’m constantly working on something, I feel better. So I keep my head down, and practice.

4. How to Address This – 2 of Pentacles

Balance. Do both. This isn’t an either/or situation. Both should be applied. Both are essential. Of course I need to practice doing what I want to do if I want to get better at it. I have plans, and the only way to make them happen is to work on certain aspects of it. However, that doesn’t mean to neglect myself entirely. Thus, I need to balance the two. Make both happen. It is possible.

5. The Benefits of Addressing It – 2 of Cups

Balance and harmony. I don’t really think I need to say more here, other than it might also help my relationship as well. That’s always a bonus.

6. How I’ll Thrive – High Priestess

I’ll be more in tune with my inner voice, and be able to express myself better as well. By being able to listen to my intuition, I can make better decisions in the future as well as be of greater service to others.

Have you tried out this spread? How did it go? Did you find value in it? Let me know in the comments!

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