3 of Pentacles | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 5: Defining the 3 of Pentacles

This is the fifth and last installment in this Weekly Tarot Card series. The next series will begin on Monday. However, if you’d like to get caught up on the rest of the week, you can use the following links:

Over the week, I have suggested exercises in getting to the know the 3 of Pentacles. The first exercise was simply to observe and note what about the card popped out to you, and write down any thoughts or feelings you had on what you noticed. On Tuesday I walked you through a mediation before delving into the meaning of the element and the number on Wednesday. Yesterday we looked at some of the common symbolism used int eh 3 of Pentacles.

Today, we put everything together to develop a meaning.

It should be noted that this is just my personal way of interpreting the card, and that you might derive a different meaning from the exercises provided, or from your own personal experience. If that’s the case, I would absolutely love to hear what you experienced during the week in the comments.

Defining the 3 of Pentacles

A good place to start when defining the 3 of Pentacles is to look at the number and the element. The number 3 is about building, creation, creating, and expanding. When we apply this to the Element of Earth, it’s easy to think of plants growing or expanding roots, especially if, like when considering the Ace of Pentacles, you view each Pentacle as a seed.

However, the growth cant’ be done completely on one’s own. There has to be external support. Even a seed relies on gentle breezes to make a stalk stronger, the sun, water, and soil to nourish it, and the information from surrounding plants as well.

In the Rider-Waite depiction of the 3 of Pentacles, there are three different individuals representing different backgrounds and aspects of society. It shows that through diversity of minds working together, growth can happen. The youth in the image is an apprentice, learning their skill through professional practice. The monk and the wealthy woman guide the youth along. This shows that through external help and validation, or through teamwork, something of worth can be developed.

Divinatory Meaning

Three individuals have come together from different walks of life to create one thing. It is through the skills and ideas of the three that they are able to build the cathedral, and each input is equally valuable.

You’re good at your craft, and people recognize it. They have called upon you for your know-how to compliment their own. Through the combined effort, you can create something of worth.


Teamwork, networking, branching out, collectivism.

How did you connect with the 3 of Pentacles this week? What did you find interesting? What did you find useless? I would love to hear your thoughts, and invite you to share your interpretation of this week’s exercises. Defining the 3 of Pentacles concludes this week’s Weekly Tarot Card, and the 3’s of the Minor Arcana. Next week will finish the 3’s completely as we consider the Empress.

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