Weird Deck Wednesday: Fire

Every Wednesday, I share different decks that I stumble upon online. I do this mostly through Aeclectic Tarot, though I’ve been known to wander Etsy as well. Each week I use a different theme as a focus point. Last week was Air, and this week’s theme is the element Fire, in continuation of our meanderings through the elements.

Fire Tarot Decks

I was actually shocked at how few Fire Tarot Decks there were. In fact, on Aeclectic, I found only two decks that revolved around Fire. I then changed the search term to ‘Flame,’ and found none. I’m really surprised that no one has played off Silver Ravenwolf’s book, To Light a Sacred Flame…not to date myself too much.

Then I turned my attion to Etsy (granted, UK Etsy might yield different results than the US Etsy), and found nothing. Finally, I found my third deck–self-published. I’ll get to that one after I walk you through the other two decks.

However–and I cannot stres this enough–if you’re a Tarot artist and you’re looking for inspiration: turn to the elements. Clearly not enough is done with them. Especially Fire (so far).

Fire Tarot

Created by Floreana Nativo and Franco Rivolli, Fire Tarot is a 2011  Lo Scarabeo publichation.

The deck art is soft, but I think impactful. The images are different, and thus I think would take a reader who already has a grasp on Tarot to fully understand the meanings of the cards. The description on Aeclectic reads:

The Fire Tarot takes the myth of fire in all its forms and interprets it through tarot-related scenes. The major arcana each depict a god linked with fire, while the minor suits are linked with fire as help, spiritual and sacred fire, emotional fire, and earthly fire.

I think that the empress takes on a far more active depiction in this deck, and veers away from the mothering, nuturing element of the card. The Emperor is fascinating, but other than the ram, I don’t see the connection to the traditional meanings. However, because I am definintely uncultured to the myths surrounding the concept of Fire, I’m sure I’m missing buckets of symbolism.

The deck is still available via Amazon, for the still-in-print price of $23.

Creative Fire Tarot

So sadly, this deck is an unpublished–or at least, difficult to find self-published deck by N. Joy Neish. Aeclectic didn’t have a link to it, so I searched it and while a few websites came up with the deck, none of them have any decks available. Gutted, because I truly think this is beautiful.

Image Credit: Tarot Garden

I’m generally not a big fan of the kind of collage style of decks, but with the black background like this deck, it pops in very stimulating ways. It is quite pleasing to the eye.

I also like that it sparks parts of the imagination. This would be a good coaching deck, to help let the client lead the reader through the reading by what they see and associate the images with.

Again, absolutely gutted I can’t find a deck for sale.

Lunar Fire Tarot

So this is a heartbreaking tale. I’ll start off first by showing some lovely images to really get your heart strings tuned. The images are from the website.

So, this deck was a Kickstarter project, which reached its goal and then some–can you see why????

The deck is created by Fiona Benjamin in Japan. From what I can gather from the comments, despite the fact that the project reached its goal, it never came to fruition. I can’t see the updates which say why, since they’re only for the backers. But in the comments, it sounds like a lot of people are pretty upset about not getting a refund.

So heartbreaking. A truly beautiful deck that I feel really should be in the world.

But I thought I would end with a little bit of a Tarot soap opera. I’d like to say ‘to be continued,’ but this all looks like it happened a while ago, 2016 while ago, and I don’t think there’s any more that’ll be happeneing with it.

If you have any decks you want me to include in these posts, let me know! I’m more than happy to talk about decks…all the time. Leave a comment, let me and other readers know!

Likewise, if you’d like for me to review your Tarot deck, I would love to hear from you. Please get ahold of me via my Contact Page and we’ll chat!

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