3 of Pentacles | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 2: Meditation

3 of Pentacles Meditation | This is the second installment of the Weekly Tarot Card. You can read the first installment, ‘Observation and Description’ here.

Yesterday we began our exercises into the Weekly Tarot Card, during which I invited you to examine the 3 of Swords. To do this, I suggested you simply observe the 3 of Swords in your deck or in the ones that I posted. You can read more detail about the exercise in yesterday’s post.

Part 2 of the Weekly Tarot Card series regarding the 3 of Pentacles looks into delving into the card itself. The aim of this exercise is to experience what the card is about, and to gain your own personal insight into it.

In The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben (a read I highly recommend), Wohlleben explains how tree families work. When a seed from another tree falls and begins growing, its growth holds off until the bigger trees around it disperse in some way. Of course, this can take ages. However, during this time, it is strengthening, becoming more durable, and learning from the local trees.

It is from this concept that today’s meditation will be based.

Preparation for 3 of Pentacles Meditation

To prepare for the 3 of Pentacles Mediation, find a comfortable and quiet place where you can keep a pen and paper near you, and ready to write what you find. If you are not a writer, or aren’t in a position to be able to write, making a video recording or a voice recording is just as good. Just try to avoid typing your responses during this exercise. You can transfer your findings onto a computer later, but not during the exercise.

Be sure to put your devices on silent or on Airplane mode so as not to distract yourself.  If you prefer meditative music while you do this, try to avoid streaming anything, as any advertisements might disrupt this process (unless you have paid accounts).

Pick the 3 of Pentacles from the deck you intend to work with, or all of the decks. This meditation is for your connection with the card, and your developing understanding.

3 of Pentacles Meditation

To begin the 3 of Pentacles Meditation, breathe in, feeling your chest expand. Breathe out and push out any mental distractions you might have. See them float away through your air flow. Breathe in again and feel yourself sinking back into your sitting position, relaxing. Breathe out and release any tension you might be carrying in your shoulders, your jaw, your neck, your legs.

As you breathe in, feel yourself extending downward. Down, down, into the ground. Your energy branches out into roots with each breath. As you exhale, you draw the energy of the Earth up and into you. Your breath draws the Earth’s nourishment up through your Root Chakra, your Sacral Chakra, your solar Plexus. As it passes each Chakra, they glow brighter. It comes up through your Heart Chakra, your Throat Chakra.

Breathe in, and keep extending your roots, but instead of down, they begin to branch outward. They touch on other roots. Whose roots are they?

Stay like this for a moment, extending yourself to the neighboring roots. You gather information from them. What is this information? What neighboring beings are extending their experiences to you? What can you share?

Breathe like this for a few minutes, exchanging energetic information, noting what you learn.

When you are ready to move on, breath in a deep breath. Instead of extending yourself outward or downward, draw up the energy of the Earth, feeling yourself grow stronger, and push the energy up through you, to the top of your head and out. Keep pushing until light surrounds you.

There is a light breeze, and you can feel yourself swaying in it. There is the rustling of leaves all around you in the breeze, and the sun sparkles through them. Enjoy this moment. You are small in this external world, but you go deep below ground. Feel yourself sway like this and check in with your roots. Are you still gaining information? What are you learning? What has changed?

Breathe in, and out, feeling the breeze, physically moving gently if it helps, and listening. What are you hearing? As you inhale and exhale, feel yourself gathering energy, and extending yourself slowly outward. You move up a little bit, but not much. You are learning, listening, and strengthening.

Stay like this for as long as you’d like. When you’re ready, take a few deep breaths in and extend your arms outward as you open your eyes.

Spend some time reflecting on what you learned during the 3 of Pentacles meditation. While it doesn’t directly correspond to some of the standard depictions of the 3 of Pentacles, it brings in the essence of it. It allows you to check in with the Earth, and experience some of the elements needed for personal growth.

However, it is important that you experience the 3 of Pentacles in your own way. With this in mind, I invite you to tailor this meditation to fit your needs. That being said, please give it a shot as it is, and for the remainder of this week before you do so, just so you can get a good feel of the direction we’re moving in.

If you’d like to read more card meditations, you can visit the meditation page here.

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