3 of Pentacles | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 1: Observation

Last week we looked at the 3 of Swords. This week we finish up the 3’s in the Minor Arcana with the 3 of Pentacles. Next week will go on to the Empress before starting on the 4’s.

We begin the Weekly Tarot Card series by firs observing the card of the week. I invite you to have a look at your own deck, if you have on yet, and take out the 3 of Pentacles. If you have several decks, all the better.

The purpose of this exercise is to get to know what images stand out to you. Don’t try to define what the image is. For example, if there’s a black cat in the card, don’t immediately define it as bad luck.

Spend some time looking at the card, observing, and noting what pops out to you in each version of the card. After you’ve done this, consider the thoughts and emotions that come up regarding these images—not in relation to the card, but as entities themselves. Carrying on with a black cat, what does it make you feel? Does it remind you of superstitions? Does it make you think of a kitten you had as a child? Does it remind you of the dog next door that barked at every child dressed up as a black cat on Halloween? Are these fond thoughts? Write down all you can in connection to the images you pick out and how they make you feel.

If you have some knowledge of the Tarot, don’t think about what the card means. In fact, empty your head entirely of the card meanings. With these exercises, we’re starting from scratch.

Do this with as many depictions of the card that you have. I’ll share with you’re the descriptions and observation of some of my decks’ 3 of Pentacles. If you don’t have your own deck yet, then you can look on with these cards. I won’t write down my associations though. That’s for me. The purpose of these exercises is for you to develop your own understandings of the cards.


The Rider-Waite 3 of Pentacles shows a youth in a church holding tools, standing on a bench. He looks at the monk and a wealthy woman, who each hold plans to direct the youth in their hands. The plans are held in such a way that the youth can view them. The woman wears a cloak over here head that is orange with red roses over it. The monk is in plain robes.

The youth is working on the artwork over two archways which lead to three Pentacles. The three Pentacles are carved in stone, and arranged so that two are on the bottom, and one is on top. The stone work around the three people is grey.

Spiral Tarot

The Spiral Tarot 3 of Pentacles shows a ballerina on stage. She has roses thrown to her feet from the audience, and has the spotlights just on her. Each spotlight is a Pentacle.

Aquarian Tarot

The Aquarian Tarot 3 of Pentacles is closely related to the Rider-Waite depiction. There is a youth working in a church. The youth reaches up to continue carving the archway, tools in hand. However, unlike the Rider-Waite depiction, the youth is alone. The archway gives way to a sky rather than a dark hall, and the three Pentacles at the top are orange.

Vampire Tarot

The Vampire Tarot shows a blond vampire in a purple dress. She leans forward onto a stone skull with wings from which blood flows. Through her golden hair, she looks down and to the bottom right corner of the card. Behind her are three black bats flying toward her. The background is red. Above the bats are three silver disks.

Faerie Tarot

A faerie sits on a rosehip with his arms up in the air. Two disks are in the air above his head. He looks to the left of the card. He is in a wheat field with ladybugs all around him. The sky is grey and three lady bugs fly above him. (If you ask me, this depiction better resonates with he 2 of Pentacles.

Thoth Tarot

The Thoth Tarot shows 3 disks forming a triangle in the center of the card. Each disk is actually a red wheel with wooden spokes. The triangle has lines which connect in the middle, giving it the impression of being a pyramid that’s being looked down upon.

The glyph above it is that for Mars, while the glyph below the image is that for Capricorn.

The keyword at the bottom of the card is ‘Work’.

Prisma-Vision Tarot

The Prisma-Vision depiction of the 3 of Pentacles shows a wall being built. Brick by brick, the man puts together the wall. He’s already installed the window, though is still putting the bricks up around it. The window is stained glass with rainbowed colors. At the top of the stained glass are three golden Pentacles. Behind the worker, the sky is yellow, and two trees line the top of the card.

Impressionist Tarot

The Impressionist Tarot shows three women at a horse race. One woman has her back to the reader while the other two women face forward, looking at the first woman. Behind them, the race is on, viewed through a window. A gentleman is in the background. This is an adaptation of Edgar Degas’ Three Women at the Races (1885).

News for the Week

Weekend Posting

This weekend past has just seen the launch of my Saturday and Sunday Posts.


As you may know, on Thursdays I do a Media Review, looking at different blogs, books, YouTube series, podcasts, Instagram accounts, and so on. All of these of course are centered around Tarot. On Saturdays, I will now be doing sample spreads from the media that I’m reviewing to show how they work. This is to both give value to the information that the media contains, but also give an idea of what it looks like in practice.

On Thursday I reviewed Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin’s book, Secrets of the Celtic Cross. On Saturday, I gave a sample reading to show what the techniques in the book would look like in a reading.

The upcoming Media Review will be of Neo Tarot, which is both book and deck. On Saturday, I’ll provide a sample reading using one of the spreads they’ve provided.


On Sundays I will now be sharing books on spirituality in the modern day. Unlike my Media Reviews, I won’t be sharing whatever book I read. I’ll only be sharing the books that I’ve gained something from. I’ll talk about the book, the benefits, and the key lessons I took away.

My ultimate goal for these posts are to start a discussion. I like critical thinking, I like creative thinking, I like spiritual thinking. I would like to bring all these voices to the table and eventually, should the popularity grow, build a Facebook group around this. I’ve posted the books head of time of what I’ll be writing about over the month so that if you want to get involved in the discussion ahead of time, you can do so.

Tarot Readings

I’m now offering Tarot reading sessions outside my Etsy shop. What these will entail is something that is perfect for the introvert—a messenger session. These will be time sessions rather than based on card counts. During these sessions, I’ll do the reading and take pictures and send them as we work through the reading.

For more details, visit my shop page.

As you go through the various cards, what do you notice that is a running theme in imagery? What do you notice tends to differ? Which of the images resonates with you? Why?

Spend time considering your own tarot decks, and do your own comparison.

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