Weird Deck Wednesday: Air

Last week I said that I wanted to focus on the Earth and the environment for some of my deck call-outs. I wanted to continue with the theme of honoring nature, and thus, thought it best to move through the elements. This week’s element is Air.

However, when I went to search for tarot decks that had to do with Air, I foudn few. So this means, I got creative. I began searching for decks that had to do with thinking, had to do with communicating, had to do with angels, birds, etc. So this might be a bit of a journey.

Secret Language of Birds Tarot

The Secret Language of Birds Tarot is by Adele Nozedar and Linda Sutton, published by Shiffer Books in 2011. The artwork is beautiful, to say the least.

Image Credit: Tarot Garden

The colors are vibrant and truly gorgeous, as is the design. When I think of this deck and using it, I feel like it would really penetrate the subconscious and intuition with all the colors and images in each card.

The deck is still availabele on Amazon for a reasonable price.

Watcher Angel Tarot

When I thought that I might use Angels to represent the element of Air, I didn’t take into consideration that there would be so many decks. I wanted to boil them down to one deck to share, which was difficult as there are so many beautiful pieces out there.

I Chose the Watcher Angel Tarot, as this deck looked as though it might contain the element of the Swords a bit better, with a dualistic nature.

Image Credit: Mr. La-Luna’s Tarot Blog

This is a beautifully constructed, self-published deck by Jacqueline Williams and Michelle Belanger, and for sale on Etsy for £25. The description reads:

The Watcher Angel Tarot is based on part of the text from the Book of Enoch, drawing on the story of heavenly beings who abandoned heaven in pursuit of mortal love. 

Personally, I find this quite philosophical, questioning which is greater, eternal bliss in the kingdom of Heaven, or love? Can the Angels be condemned for pursuing that which is meant to be most pure? This philosophical inquiry very much corresponds to the element of Air in my book, and this deck has really made its way onto my list of Decks To Buy.

Banksy Tarot

I know I’ve writen about the Banksy Tarot a few times, but I really think this deck is worth mentioning when it comes to the element of Air.

From Left to Right: 10 f Cups, 10 of Swords, 10 of Wands, 10 of Pentacles

The deck itself was very intelligently put together and creates intellectual puzzles with the cards. You can read more about it in my review here. However, the art of Banksy is highly intellectual. He calls out the world as he sees it, and creates clever depictions which force us to question what we see.

From Left to Right: Page of Swords, Knight of Swords, Queen of Swords, King of Swords

The Banksy Tarot is a self-published deck by CooptyLew and is available via her Etsy shop here.


  1. Interesting information! My Papa talked about the cards a lot when I was growing up, but I hadn’t heard of weird decks like these before. Great post!

    1. That’s cool that he talked about them! With the rise of self-publishing and with the popularity of Tarot and oracle decks for personal development, some really fantastic decks have been coming out. I actually dn’t consider any of the decks weird these days, but it just makes for nice alliteration 🙂

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