Tarot Talk: Predictive Readings and Timing in Tarot by Light Wands (Shared from WordPress)

From reader to reader, there are a lot of varying opinions revolving around the idea of Predictive readings. With predictive readings comes the idea that we can predict time and tell the time of an occurance from the cards.

In the Light Wands blog, this topic is adressed in their post, ‘Tarot Talk: Predictive Readings and Timing in Tarot.’

Let’s first go over the basics:

The future is not set in stone. Not to be too redundant, as I’ve said it many times before and some of you may be getting tired of this, but your future is changeable. Often readers are predicting the most likely outcomes. Silly example, but if I told you that tomorrow you would go to the grocery store, you could very simply just not go to the grocery store. Free will is yours. Nothing I say will change that, even if I have a deck of cards in my hands.

Sometimes it’s better not to know timing. In my experience, most readings, even future readings, are better off without timing included. They also often add little to the productivity of a reading, save for some exceptions. Regardless, in many situations, it’s harmless to throw in a time frame, so I may do it if one is coming up naturally, but I prefer not to force anything.

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