Shape Shifting for Healing and Transformation by XSeptemberStar (WordPress Share)

Fir the first time really ever, I’ve been drawn to animal-based Tarot decks (which I think is highlighted in my interest in the Wild Unknown Tarot). I wanted to explore something deeper, something outside the bounds of humanness, and I didn’t really understand why.

Then I came across this blog post. It’s a fantastic and beautiful read, and it kind of answered the why of my interest. Since then I’ve been working on the exercises at the end of the post, and really have been having fantastic experiences.

Shape Shifting for Healing and Transformation by XSeptemberStar

‘Shapeshifting for Healing and Transformation’

Ancient Shamans and members of Native and Pagan cultures have looked to nature spirits for thousands of years for guidance and understanding, practicing a powerful technique that allows one to energetically merge with an animal or element in nature in order to expand beyond their familiar energetic boundaries and attune to the wisdom of that animal or element’s consciousness. This technique is called shape shifting.

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