3 of Cups | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 4: Symbolism

This is the fourth installment of the 3 of Cups Weekly Tarot Card. You can read the first three installments in the following links:

Not all cards carry the same symbolism, and some simply do it for the sake of creating an appealing picture. However, some cards are packed with imagery with the intent of stimulating the intuitive senses. It is these symbols that I intend to focus on.

Color: Blue, Orange, and Yellow


In many of the cards listed on Monday’s Post, the sky is blue. A blue sky represents good tidings, but also is the color of calm and clarity. It is also the color of Water, which is the element that rules the 3 of Cups.


In the Spiral Tarot, the dresses of the women are orange, as is the ground they dance on. This corresponds with the Autumn, which is a time for bounty and harvest. There are celebrations that historically occurred after the harvest, and thus instills the message of celebration.


In the Rider-Waite deck, the ground the woman dance on is yellow. The lotuses in the Thoth depiction are yellow, and the woman in the middle of the card in the Spiral Tarot wears a yellow dress. When the sky is yellow, it represents prosperity. The color yellow itself corresponds to the element of Air. In the case of the Spiral  and Thoth Tarot, this might be reference to ruling Mercury, the messenger.

Astrology: Mercury in Cancer

The planet Mercury has to do with thought and communication. In mythology, Mercury was the winged messenger god. Likewise, he is representative of travel. Thus, because of the wings on his feet, and his correspondence to messages and communication, he is also a representative of the element of Air.

Cancer is a Water element, and ruled by the Moon. When mercury is in Cancer there could be news on the horizon, news that has to do with intellect, or via intuition. There is a freedom to communicate our emotions and feelings, and thus, allowing closer connection with others.


Pumpkins represent harvest, and the harvest, as mentioned before, has to do with celebration. There is bounty that is collected and there is gratitude and thanks given during the times of harvest. This is also a preparation of scarcity as the winter approaches. This card resonates well with ‘make hay and dance while the sun shines.’

Woman with her Back Facing the Reader

Here are some readers who see that there is a woman with her back facing the reader. We don’t know who this woman is, and thus, it could indicate a mystery person involved. Likewise, she could also indicate an unknown third person involved in a relationship.

Consider the symbols in your own deck’s(s’) 3 of Cups, and what they mean to you. How do they match up to what you noticed during Monday’s exercise?

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