Weird Deck Wednesday: Environment

NatureSpeaks Tarot

10 years. 10 years is what we have left to attempt to sort out this planet before it’s too late, says a recent report. I’m now directing my energy to this, to raise awareness, to be more effictient, to encourage others to. So, I’m kicking off the theme of the environment, the elements, etc., today with Nature themed decks.

Hold on to your butts, because this will be a doozy.

Note: I want to share a lot of Tarot decks here, and I want to do them justice. Thus, I am actually going to completely cheat and steal the descriptions from the Aeclectic pages. They will all be linked.

Wild Nature Tarot

The Wild Nature Tarot Was created by Peggy Zimmerman, and is currently in search of a publisher, though her progress can be followed via her webpage.

The Wild Nature Tarot celebrates the untamed power of Nature and the wilds, as well as exploring our own inner wilderness of dreams, imagination and emotion. 

I share this deck becuase of its capture of the wilderness, the beauty of nature, and it serves as a reminder of how we were once intretwined with it. We are still apart of it. To destroy the envrionment is to destroy ourselves.

The Wild Unknown Tarot

This deck is known to just about any Tarot enthuesit, but I thought I would share it any way. For consistancy sake, here is the Aeclectic Link to The Wild Unknown Tarot, and you can also read my review of it here.

Instead of using the description from the actualy Aeclectic Tarot Page, I thought I would share the start of this review by MedusaWink, as it captures the feel of this deck beautifully.

For those who live in the city divorced from their natural surroundings there is often a longing for the enigmatic connection to the unknown which nature possesses. For those who live in rural areas, natural beauty and natural ferocity walk hand-in-hand, and often signpost the future. Nature is a medium for prophecy harking back to ancient times. A cursory glance at any list of divination methods will show that both animals and natural phenomena have been used for thousands of years as a method for predicting the future. Roosters, spiders, frogs, dogs, trees, flowers, lightning and thunder, insects, rods and sticks among many others have been ‘read’ as a method of predicting events and fortunes. The Wild Unknown Tarot links itself to this ancient tradition and connection with our natural surrounds; and its eldritch and beautiful illustrations perfectly capture mysterious and potent powers of nature.

I’m sharing this deck here because of the very reason I bought the deck. I felt disconnected with nature, and I needed new eyes to look at the Tarot through. This deck allows me to do exactly that, and it is with those new eyes that I write the Discovering The Wild Unknown series. Becuase of this, I have developed a deeper connection with nature simply through working with this deck.

It is widely available at most places, and all over the internet, so I won’t bore you with the link. But if you want to know more, please check out my review.

Tarot of Trees

I’ve totally shared this one before, but you need to see it again.

Tarot of the Trees is a beautifully vibrant and colorful deck created by Dana Driscoll, and is self-published.

Image Credit: Tarot of the Trees Website

The Tarot of Trees is a whimsical, bright and colourful deck that interprets the 78 cards through the theme of nature and trees. Mostly inspired by real life, the mixed-media imagery does occasionally tend towards the fantastical. 

This deck is still available from the artist’s website, or from her Etsy shop (always support Etsy shops!).

Tarot Leaves

Tarot Leaves is by Beth Seilonen, and was published by Shiffer Books in 2011.

This deck is just magic to me. Ewach card, while in classic card shape, contains an image within a tree leaf.

Image Credit: The Tarot Garden

Tarot Leaves has 78 fully illustrated cards, each represented by an intricate leaf with hidden symbols and imagery. The theme was inspired by the artist’s background in forested, rural Maine. The soft, pastel artwork is enchanting but non-standard, making it a deck for meditation and journeying, and the advanced reader.

This deck is still available on Amazon for somewhere around the £28 mark, new.

NatureSpeaks Tarot

I actually find this deck adorable. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s in print, at least, not that I could find anywhere. However, NatureSpeaks Tarot is a self-published deck by Linda Cortellesi.

The NatureSpeaks Tarot is a non-traditional deck depicting scenes and images from Nature, such as a Rainbow for hope, River for travel and Fog for confusion. The artwork is brightly painted, simple and the meaning is clear.

Nature Spirit Tarot

The Nature Spirit Tarot was self-published in 2015 by Jean Marie Herzel, and is truly beautiful.

Image Credit: Shelly in the Rain

The Nature Spirit Tarot interprets tarot symbolism through the living and vibrant world of nature. The 78 cards are illustrated with plants, birds, insects, and reptiles from diverse environments.

The deck is still available via the creator’s website for $39 for book and deck, and including shipping as well.

Madru: Das Baum Tarot

I definitely have shared this deck before, and I do love it. Madru: Das Baum Tarot is a German deck, created in 2000, published by Königs Furt. Unfortuantely, it’s only the Major Arcana, but still a beautiful deck.

I wanted to share a review for this deck, from Kate Hill:

The Tree Tarot (or das Baum-Tarot) is a 22 card major arcana only deck. Based on a German book that translates to ‘Madru – of the Great Forest’, the creators of this deck have assigned a particular Northern European tree to each card, representing certain situations in human life – hopes, fears, desires, conflict, wishes.

This deck is no longer in print.

Gaian Tarot

This deck is just stunning. The Gaian Tarot, by Joanna Powell Colbert (local from my home town!) has recently been reprinted and published by Shiffer Books.

I wanted to share another reivew from MedusaWink, which I also think prefectly rounds off this entire post. I really hope you’ll hear it.

The Gaia philosophy views our planet as a living organism, and that all living creatures are part of a complex web, the cells of the body, that make up Earth. Practitioners of Gaian philosophy typically strive to live as harmoniously as possible with the Earth, reducing their impact on mother nature and minimising negative interactions with other living beings including animals and the environment. The Gaian Tarot is based on Gaian spirituality – the belief that the earth is not only a living organism but that it has a complex relationship with the cosmos. In line with this the Divine is not seen as intellectually annexed or separate, but immediate and all pervasive.

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