3 of Cups | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 2: Meditation

This is the second installment of the Weekly Tarot Card. You can read the first installment, ‘Observation and Description’ here.

We spent some time yesterday just observing the 3 of Cups and noticing what we thought and felt about it. Today we’re going to really spend some time with the card and getting into it.

The focus of the 3’s is creation and creativity. The element of the Cups is Water, which corresponds to emotion. For this meditation, we’re going to be focussing on an overflow of love and emotion, and how you respond to it. You can read more about the actual element itself in tomorrow’s post on Water, the Cups, and the Number 3.


Find a comfortable and quiet place where you can keep a pen and paper near you, and ready to write what you find. If you are not a writer, or aren’t in a position to be able to write, making a video recording or a voice recording is just as good. Just try to avoid typing your responses during this exercise. You can transfer your findings onto a computer later, but not during the exercise.

Be sure to put your devices on silent or on Airplane mode so as not to distract yourself.  If you prefer meditative music while you do this, try to avoid streaming anything, as any advertisements might disrupt this process (unless you have paid accounts).

Pick the 3 of Cups from the deck you intend to work with, or all of the decks. This meditation is for your connection with the card, and your developing understanding.

3 of Cups Meditation

Breathe in, feeling your chest expand. Breathe out and push out any mental distractions you might have. See them float away through your air flow. Breathe in again and feel yourself sinking back into your sitting position, relaxing. Breathe out and release any tension you might be carrying in your shoulders, your jaw, your neck, your legs.

Breathe in and feel the sun on your face, warming you. There’s a slightly cool breeze in the air, the hint of autumn turning to winter, though still a long ways off. Exhale, slowly. Breathe in and as you do, see your surroundings, outside, with the bluest of blue skies covering you.

You’re in a large garden dotted with a rainbow variety of vegetable. You find that you have a cup in your hand. What’s in it brings you so much joy. You stand, and hear two others a little ways away. You look over and see them, each holding a glass and smiling at you, waving you over. You make your way to them, noting the vegetables everywhere, harvested, in baskets, ready t be collected.

As you approach, your joy grows, and as you reach the other two, you all outstretch your reach, and connect the cups, which overwhelms you with joy. Likewise, they seem equally pleased. How do you express this joy?

What are all of your cups filled with?

Who would you share your joy with?

When you feel contented to return to yourself, take some time to consider these questions. What fills your cup? Record your thoughts and answers, how ever you feel comfortable.

If you’d like to read more card meditations, you can visit the meditation page here.

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