Archetypal Tarot by True Tarot Tales (Shared from WordPress)

As a person who is all about writing, story structure, and character development, I think a lot about archetyps. But creative writing isn’t the only place where this subject comes up. It’s found in psychology, which bled into divinatory practices, such as the Tarot and Astrology.

True Tarot Tales writes about it in her post, ‘Archetypal Tarot.’

The archetype represented by your Major Arcana card does not define you, of course, any more than your Sun sign does. But it represents a key concept that chimes with your Zodiac Sun sign. There are two key archetypes; the archetype of your Sun sign, and  there is your outward face, a key aspect of the public persona, represented by your Rising Sign or Ascendant; the planet rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. It’s a good idea to read both when reading your horoscope. 

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