3 of Wands | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 4: Symbols

~ 3 of Wands Symbolism ~

This is the fourth installment of the 3 of Wands: Weekly Tarot Card. You can read the first three installments in the following links:

3 of Wands Symbolism

Hopefully after going over the element and number of the 3 of Wands yesterday, you spent some time considering what these things mean to you and your own application to the 3 of Wands.

Today we’re going to look at the common symbolism and imagery found in the 3 of Wands in traditional decks.

Color: Green, Orange, Yellow


Green is the color of abundance. It’s the color we associate with earth, and thus wealth and health. It’s also the color of the Heart Chakra. These aspects in the 3 of Wands insinuate success.


In the Thoth Tarot the main color used is orange, and this is because it corresponds with Wands, just as red does. These are the colors we associate with Fire, and Fire is the element of the Wands. It indicates our passions and goals. You can read more about fire in yesterday’s post.


Yellow is a good omen in the Tarot. In the Rider-Waite deck, the figure looks out over eh water that is yellow, which represents successful possibilities.

Astrology: Sun and Aries

The Sun is the planet of the Self. It represents the core of us, and thus, our passions and drive. There is an ember within each of us that burns brighter under certain circumstance, and those circumstances are what help us to reveal our True Will. If you’re an artist, it’s putting the brush to canvas (or whatever your medium), if you’re athletic it’s getting in the pool or running (etc.)—it’s your authentic self.

The Sun rule Aries, and Aries represents the beginning of the zodiac, and can be those bursts of energy we need to charge into a new project or a new level.


The sea in the card represents opportunity and expansion. The ships seen on it are merchant ships, and thus, the figure in the card is considering their future in their path. Not because they need to, but because they now can afford to.


Note the figure in most depictions of the 3 of Wands.

The figure in most cards is facing away from the reader and looking out to sea, looking toward their future. They usually have two wands behind them and hold on to the 1 on wand.

What does this posturing mean to you? Do you see any significance in this? Take some time to consider why this figure was chosen to be portrayed facing in this way, and share what you think in the comments.

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