Weird Deck Wednesday: Healing

~Today’s Weird Deck Wednesday focuses on Tarot for Healing, and the decks created with this objective in mind~

While Tarot is seen as a means of just giving answers when we can’t face or find them ourselves, it’s also and extremely important healing tool. So I thought that I would have healing be today’s theme for Weird Deck Wednesdya.

Healing Tarot

I started my search by looking for the term ‘healing tarot’, and lo and behold, I found two! This one I thought I would share though. Healing Tarot by Monica Knighton and Juno Lucina (who both have other decks they’ve created), is a black-and-white, pencil deck. It was published in 2012 by Shiffer Books.

Image Credit: Tarot Garden

I did some research on this deck, and the theme behind it is nourishing the physical body and realm. This is about acknowledging that the physical has an effect on the mental, emotional, and spiritual spheres of existance, and thus, there must be harmony.

This deck is still available, though you might have to dig deeper in your pockets. On Amazon it’s £64 (though some used run for closer to £20), though if you visit Tarot Garden, you can pick up your copy for $40.

Healing Light Tarot

I was quite thrilled when I came across the Healing Light Tarot by Christopher Butler. I find this deck absolutely stunning.

The first review, which I think might be quoting the LWB writes, ‘The veil between the worlds is essentially a border between the realm of magic and our immediate physical space.’ This deck perfectly mimics this quote, as far as I can tell.

It is sereal and shows the deep connection between our physical form and the influence we have on the environment around us. It resonates with the phrase, ‘As above, so below,’ something I have found truth in time, and time again.

This deck is a 2017 publication by Lo Scarabo, and is still in print and seemingly widely avaialble. Also, fun fact, this deck also has a corresponding App. Welcome to the New Age!

Healing Earth Tarot

The final deck I wanted to write about is the Healing Earth Tarot. This deck centres around inclusion and global healing. It is a diverse and inclusive deck, considering different cultures, races, and countries.

Image Credit: Tarot Garden

The deck has 105 cards as it includes two extra suits, the Feathers and the Pipes. The blurb writes:

It draws together teaching from Aboriginal, African, Celtic and Native American cultures to reveal how our health and the Earth’s health interweave into the same web of power. 

Blurb found at Amazon

David Mcke and Jyoti published this deck in 1994 with Llewellyn, and while the deck is still avaialable, I think it’s out of print for the moment, thus any purchase will be second hand. However, I think if you want something truly special and to open yourself and your clients to the greater world, this deck is worth a purchase.

Are there any decks you think should be featured on my deck mentions on Wendesdays? Do you have a deck you want me to talk about? Let me know in the comments!

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