2 of Pentacles | Discovering the Wild Unknown Episode 15

Today’s card draw from The Wild Unknown Tarot is the 2 of Pentacles in the Discovering the Wild Unknown series.

I want to start off by providing an important notice, which will be included in all of this series. However, other things that will be included that you can skip to are:

I only include the latter as a comparison, to show how wandering down your own understanding of images and symbols can bring you to a similar meaning, though along a different path with different experiences. This is to help expand knowledge of the card.

I will not, however, be including the definitions from the guidebook, as that is not the point of this. Also, I don’t have rights to that material.

Important Note

I started this series because I had read that people struggled with the deck purely because the definitions in the Little White Book were very Rider-Waite-based, and that there wasn’t much wisdom regarding the animals and symbolism chosen.

This series is to help you to decipher the meanings yourselves. I am by no means saying what I have to say about the cards are correct for anyone outside myself. However, I am providing my daily journal entries regarding the deck to act as a guide so that you can begin your own journey.

When I started tarot, I had no idea what to write in my journal, and thus didn’t. Instead I obsessively read and re-read the Little White Book belonging to the Spiral Tarot (which is why today I can completely quote the book). I didn’t trust myself to know the cards, even when I could recite the definitions. I was afraid to put the book down.

To this fear of lack of knowledge, the creator of The Wild Unknown writes:

You do know enough. You’ve been a person on earth every day since you were born. You’ve experienced all the emotions and situations these cards depict. Quiet the naysayer…don’t let it prevent you from sitting down with a friend (or yourself) and using these cards to help talk about what’s going on in your life. It will be positive. It will be radical. You’ll find things start to reveal themselves through the cards that have been hidden away, covered with dust.

pp. 10-11, The Wild Unknown Guidebook

Description of the Card

The 2 of Pentacles shows a large black and white butterfly. Behind the butterfly are lines stretching out across the corners, which are black (the corners). On either wing is a white pentacle with a rainbow ribbon wrapped around them in a sideways figure eight.

Traditional Card Meaning

The 2 of Pentacles is a card of balancing the responsibilities of the material world. There are ups and downs, but no matter what, the juggler keeps these two coins upward, even while the juggler dances. Not only are these two pentacles the representation of the material world, but are also a representation of the union and balance of the inner and outer self that must always be kept in balance.

What I derive from the Card itself

 Everything about this card is symmetrical with the exception of the rainbow coloring. Yellow overlaps blue and each give way to green on the right and red on the left.

The butterfly was once a caterpillar, and as a caterpillar, it would not be able to hold up the two Pentacles. Thus, in order for the two Pentacles to be balanced and held up, a process of transformation had to happen, a maturity to handle the responsibility.

These Pentacles don’t just represent the material world, but rather the balance of all aspects of our daily living that tend to our emotional, mental, and energetic needs. These are eternally in flux, and we are on a constant mission to maintain harmony in all of these areas so that we can maintain functionality in the mundane world.

About the Deck

The Wild Unknown Tarot  is a 2016 Harper One publication, created by Kim Krans. The deck is widely available at most bookstores who carry Tarot cards, but also on Amazon. Kim Krans always wrote The Wild Unknown Guidebook.

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