3 of Wands | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 2: Meditation

~Today we go through the 3 of Wands Meditation, allowing us to step into the card and develop our own experience of it. ~

This is the second installment of the Weekly Tarot Card. You can read the first installment, ‘Observation and Description’ here.

We spent some time yesterday just observing the 3 of Wands and noticing what we thought and felt about it. Today we’re going to really spend some time with the card and getting into it.

The focus of the 3’s is creation and creativity. The element of the Wands is Fire, and for this meditation, we’re going to be focussing on how Fire nourishes us, and what it does to build union and balance. You can read more about the actual element itself in tomorrow’s post on Fire, the Wands, and the Number 3.


Find a comfortable and quiet place where you can keep a pen and paper near you, and ready to write what you find. If you are not a writer, or aren’t in a position to be able to write, making a video recording or a voice recording is just as good. Just try to avoid typing your responses during this exercise. You can transfer your findings onto a computer later, but not during the exercise.

Be sure to put your devices on silent or on Airplane mode so as not to distract yourself.  If you prefer meditative music while you do this, try to avoid streaming anything, as any advertisements might disrupt this process (unless you have paid accounts).

Pick the 3 of Wands from the deck you intend to work with, or all of the decks. This meditation is for your connection with the card, and your developing understanding.

3 of Wands Meditation

Close your eyes and allow yourself to breathe. As you inhale, feel the parts of your body expanding with the breath, and focus the pure white energy entering your Solar Plexus, the third Chakra from the base. As you breathe in, it glows, growing brighter. With its brightness, you feel a pleasant warmth spreading over you, an excited joy creeping through you. Smile to yourself if this helps.

As you exhale, let go any tension you’re holding. Relax your shoulders, your neck, your tongue, your toes, your fingers. Mentally move through the body and notice anywhere that is clenching, pressing, tightening, and let relax those parts.

Breathing in, draw in the white light, feeling the rich gold of your Solar Plexus brighten. It gets brighter and brighter with each breath you take, and you feel open to the energy of the Wands.

The energy of Plexus grows, brighter and brighter, bigger and bigger, expanding beyond you. As it expands you feel an increased momentum of creative energy radiating through you, calling you to action. In your position, you radiate creativity, warmth, joy, and passion for that which makes you, you.

There is a flame in you, a burning desire, that must be expressed. You can feel it welling up within you, as a ball of flame at the base of your ribcage, where your Solar Plexus is. This fire burns hotter and moves upward, igniting your Heart Chakra, making it glow green. It rises further, to your Throat Chakra, creating a brilliant blue.

Along with the flame trails these colors as it comes out through your mouth and into the world. From your heart, from your words, from your passion, you have created. You can see it there, your beautiful passion in fruition. It is a portion of you, in front of you, glowing with love and creativity.

But it is just an outline. You need to build on it, bring forth more from your Chakras, give it life, expand it.

What form does this take? How much of you was required for its formation?

After a few moments of breathing like this, open your eyes, and let yourself look at the 2 of Wands. At this point, you are just looking, observing. Mentally take note of anything that jumps out at you, but don’t put any meaning on it. Not yet. Just simply gaze at it, breathing slowly, but comfortably.

Take time to jot what you notice, what you feel, what you think. Spend as much time doing this as you want, fill as many pages as you’d like. After you’ve recorded, or before even, do something to fill your creative desire. Paint, sing, play music, write, draw, create.

The 3 of Wands is about having brought your creative passion into the world and discovering how to continue to make it grow. We’ll go into this more later in the week, but consider what is required for you to give your project life. Does it need more building on the project itself, or does it require outside help?  

Spend time reflecting on this, journal about it, draw it, sculpt it, dance it. Reflect on the weight of the globe in your lap, and how you can shape it.

If you’d like to read more card meditations, you can visit the meditation page here.

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