Only 4 Days Left of the 75% Off Tarot Reading Sale

There are only 4 days left to get 75% off Tarot Readings from my Etsy shop! How quickly has this two weeks gone??

I am offering 4 different Tarot spreads on my Etsy shop, KarmaStar Tarot. For each Tarot reading, you can get a whole 75% off your purchase.

All you have to do is use the PromoCode OPENKARMA or, alternatively, you can follow this link.

My reading options include

9-Card Spread

The 9-Card spread is an in-depth look at general or specific questions. 

It will look at the heart of the question, past, present, future, mind, body, and spirit revolving around the situation. By looking at all of these factors, you’ll be able to go forward with a deeper understanding. 

This spread gives a layout of the energies surrounding the situation/question you have, and gives you the tools to know what’s right for you.

3-Card Spread

For the 3-Card readings, I’ll focus on your question and preform the First Operation to gain an indication of the area of the answer. From there, I will shuffle and pull three cards. In addition to the information the three cards give me, I will also look further into their elements and the numbers to give your further insight to your spread.

1-Card Reading

For the 1- Card readings I’ll focus on a question and a querent and preform the First Operation to gain an area of the answer. From there I will spread the cards and select a card on feel, and I will also select the card before and after it go gain further information. 

Yes/No Questions

I have a simple procedure that will give me a yes/no answer which involves counting the cards. When I do this, I can get anything from 1-3 cards with information surrounding the question. So while I will give you a yes or a no answer, I will also provide further detail on the verdict. 

Your answer will come to you in the form of a 1-page PDF outlining my procedure and the cards that revealed themselves to me, and any additional information I gather from the reading. 

You don’t want to miss out on 75% off Tarot Readings. Be sure to go treat yourself to one!

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