The 78 Cards: The High Priestess by Light Wands (WordPress Share)

I always strongly encouage people to read widely, to expand thier understanding of the Tarot. Despite having read the cards for 15 years, I still read books coming out, books published in the past that are meant for all levels of reader (hence my Media Reviews).

Here is a post from Light Wands on the High Priestess, that I thought would beautifully conclude our High Priestess Week.

I often say that The High Priestess is my goal in life — she’s unapologetically feminine, completely in tune with her subconscious, and highly intuitive. She sits calmly, her gaze directly at us, in between two pillars representing masculine and feminine, darkness and light, an indicator that she has balanced these two energies.

Read the whole post of ‘The 78 Cards: The High Priestess’ by Light Wands.

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