Weird Deck Wednesday: Self-Published Decks C

A couple of weeks ago I started on the theme of self-published decks. Since there’s so many awesome ones, I couldn’t put them all in one post. So I’m slowly working my way through the alphabet. You can see letter A here and B here.

Celestial Stick People Tarot

The Celestial Stick People Tarot features a combination of adorable stick figures and space-themes. I actually find the combination of the simplicity and complexity quite clever.

It has a little bit of a vibe of Tron (I think I’m thinking of the right movie), which I think will appeal to quite a few people.

Image Credit: Mystic House

This deck is still available via GameCrafter, and was created by Brian Crick in 2012.

Chakra Arcana Tarot

The Chakra Arcana Tarot by Carol Herzer is stunning, to say the least. As would be expected of a deck with the term ‘Chakra’ in it, the cards are rich with color, and beautifully applied.

Image Credit: Soul-Guidance

The description of it calls it an ‘enhanced’ Major Arcana, providing your classic 22 cards, though supply extra cards for each of the chakras. However, this is the extent of the deck, which I personally find unfortunate. It is only a compilation of 29 cards in total.

This deck unfortunately unavailable from what I can tel. Even the artist’s website has gone walkies.

Clover Tarot

The 2011 Clover Tarot by Latvian artist, Nika Berne is still available, though! This beautiful deck is water color and kind of weird, but in a very sereal sort of way.

Image Credit: Ethony

The Court Card system is slightly different in that instead of Pages and Knights you have Daughters and Sons, though there are still Queens and Kings in play. There is also a second Lovers card in the deck, making the total number of cards 79.

Ethony, who I credited in the above image, has a great review of the deck, that will give you far more detail (I don’t want to step on any toes!)

What are some of your favorite Indie decks, or any deck at all? Let me know–I’ll feature it in one of my Wednesday finds.

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