Friendly Reminder and Sale

Just thought I’d throw this out there–there’s only SEVEN days left of my 75% off Sale on Etsy.

This means that all of my tarot readings are 75% off when you enter in the PromoCode OPENKARMA on checkout. I promise to have your reading reading for you within 48 hours.


With all the readings, you’ll get a PDF with an explanation of how the reading is conducted along with a photo of your reading.

I’ll conduct all the readings with the Aquarian Tarot, but you will have the choice of decks to feature in the photo of your spread. The list of available deck are in the item description.

I also am available for any follow-up clarification.

Yes/No Questions

The Yes/No Spread is only £5 (plus VAT tacked on by Etsy–sorry!), and allows you to ask a Yes- or No-answered question.

With this purchase, I’ll essentially be drawing three cards whichi will not only give me a yes or a no to your question but a little bit of detail toward the verdict.

You’ll also recieve a PDF instantly upon purchase, and a PDF with your answer and my explanation of the verdict within 24 hours. On this second PDF will be a photo of your reading using the cards of the deck of your choice.

1- Card Pull

The 1-Card Reading is only £7 (plus VAT tacked on by Etsy), though really it’s closer to a 3-Card reading.

With a 1-Card reading, I’ll select a signifier for you (or use one you have shared a preference of) and use it to perform the First Operation. From there I will spread the cards out, select a card, and define it for you. I’ll also select the card before and after the card pulled to give further detail.

Upon purchase you’ll get an instant PDF download explaining in detail my methods and what to expect, as well as a second 3-page PDF within 48 hours of your reading. I’ll include a photo of your spread with the deck of your selection.

3-Card Spread

The 3-Card spread is a bargain at £10 (plus the VAT tacked on by Etsy).

Similarly to the 1-Card Pull, I preform the First Operation with your signifier, then go on to select three cards. I read these cards in detail, and provide and element and number analysis, and provide an added layer of information from the corresponding Major Arcana.

You’ll get an instant PDF upon purchase containing all the information pertaining to my methods. Within 48 hours, you’ll recieve a second PDF ranging from 5-7 pages of information with your reading. As always, you’ll have a photo of your reading with the cards of your selection.

9-Card Spread

The 9-Card Spread is £25 (plus the Etsy VAT) and offers an in-depth reading to a particular question or situation.

I’ll preform the First Operation, and then draw 9 cards to look at the surrounding factors of your query.

This offers includes a card comparison, an elemental and number analysis, a look at the over-all theme provided by the center card, the First Operation, and the corresponding Major Arcana.

As with all my readings, upon purchase you’ll be able to download an informative PDF instantly. Within 48 hours I’ll have a second 7-page PDF with your reading and a photo of your spread (using the deck of your choice).

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