First Half of May Sale – 75% OFF

In case you hadn’t heard, in celebration of opening my Etsy shop, I’m offering 75% off ALL my readings, including my new 9-Card in-depth spread.

From now until May 15th you can get 75% off yes or no questions, 1-card spreads, 3-cards spreads, and the 9-card spread. With each you’ll get 2 PDF’s–one that gives you exatly how I read the cards/spreads, and another with your reading.

The latter includes a photo of your reading with the cards of your choice (as listed in my shop), a number and element analysis, and I am open to any clarification you might need via email.

Shimmy on over to my Etsy Shop and check out the deal! Just enter PromoCode OPENKARMA at the checkout.

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