Weird Deck Wednesday: Beltane and Samhain

Happy Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Samain for those in the Southern Hemisphere!

I thought it might be appropriate to share some related decks to the themes of these two holidays today.


Given that this particular day is a day of igniting fertility, love, and lust, the decks chosen revolve around this topic. Be careful, some of them might be considered a bit racy…or delicious, I’ll let you pick the adjective.

Tarot for Sexual Magic

Related image

While Tarot for Sexual Magic definitely falls under the categories of ‘racy’ and ‘delicious,’ it is also a really tastefully done deck, in my opininon any way.

There are some cards that I haven’t posted in here that capture the moment so beautifully.

The only drawback I find is the Judgement Card (again, I haven’t posted it in here, but you can see it here) which has two people and a child. However, the child might actually be a cherub.

Created by Laura Tuan and Mauro De Luca, the combination of the two also created Tarot of the Mermaids and Tarot of the Nymphs, the deck was published in 2009, and is a Los Scarebeo publication. The deck is still avaialble on Amazon for £17.59

Heart Tarot

The Heart Tarot is a delightful deck that breaks the mould–it’s not rectangular, it’s not circular, it’s heart-shaped–which I just find fantastic.

Image result for heart tarot
Image Credit: Tarot Garden

The artwork is light but beautiful, creative and stunning. I particularly love the Lovers as the Sun and the Moon. I think this would be a phenominal deck for love-related readings, love spells, or simeply just remember to love in general. This one is actually making it onto my Want list.

Created by Maria Distefano , the Heart Tarot, too, is a Los Scarebeo publication and of 2009 as well. It is not avaialable on Amazon (though has been previously listed), however is avaialable at the Tarot Garden for $40.

Art of Love Tarot

I wasn’t going to post a third deck here, but I couldn’t resist this deck.

Image Credit: Tarot Garden

The Art of Love Tarot is a beautiful deck, which appears to be done with pastels. It is colorful, sensual, and the style of it pulls at something deep in you.

Each card comes with a keyword at the bottom to guide you, while the suits have been altered to represent different aspects of the suits. The Swords are Angels, the Cups are Hearts, the Pentacles are Trees, and the Wands are Stars.

Image Credit: Joy Vernon

A review writes:

The Art of Love Tarot is intended as a channel for divine love. In opening to the possibilities of divine love we allow it to flow through us into the lives of others. The more we give the more we receive. The Art Of Love Tarot acts as a focus on the energies that move through our lives, and the ways in which we may harness them in order to manifest our aspirations and desires. When love becomes our focus negative emotions and states are diminished and we become transcendent beings.

Aeclectic Tarot Art of Love Tarot Review

The Art of Love Tarot was publishe din 2017 by Blue Angel Gallery, and is available on Amazon for £63.


Samhain is a celebration and acknowledgement of our ancestors, and thus will be the theme of this segment of the post.

Ancestral Path Tarot

The Ancestral Path Tarot, published in 1996 by US Games, delves into different cultures to bring forth both representation and a relatable past for any reader.

Image Credit: AstroAmerica

The artwork is stunning, and there is some interesting commentary, starting with the Fool, which depicts a blond woman as a Tarot Reader, holding a card up. I think this is fascinating, though that’s a post for another time.

It seems that the deck is out of print and on Amazon is available for upward of £200, it does seem to still be for sale at a sane price of less than $30 on

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